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Date Venue Event Contact Series Info
Jan 24th Northern Area Dinner Informal     Write up
Feb 1st Ranelagh SC Winter Open Meeting &
Thames Area Meal
Jeremy Carey t  
Feb 28th-Mar 1st Dinghy Show Alexandra Palace Neal Lillywhite Preview
Mar 21st Hamble River SC Hamble Warming Pan No N12 Start   No N12 Start
Mar 28th Burghfield SC GUL Series #1 &
Sprint Sprint Champs
Jeremy Carey GUL t v Info, write up
Apr 25th Burwain SC Open Meeting Patrick Hamilton n v  
Apr 26th Hykeham SC Open Meeting Steve Sallis m NoR
May 2nd-4th Salcombe YC GUL Series #2 Helen Lloyd GUL sw  
May 10th Trent Valley SC Open Meeting Paul Turner m v Write up
May 23rd-24th Castle Semple SC Open Meeting Duncan Elder s  
May 23rd-25th Upper Thames SC Bourne End Week John Meadowcroft t v Poster
Jun 6th-7th Brightlingsea SC GUL Series #3 Chris Day GUL e NoR, write up
Jun 7th Yorkshire Ouse SC Naburn Paddle Philip David n v NoR
Jun 14th Milton Keynes SC HD Four Plank Series & open meeting Jonathan Garfitt HD 4P Write up
Jun 20th-21st Northampton SC Coaching 12 FEST - coaching and summer event
Sun (inc. Junior Champs & Crews Race)
Jun 27th-28th Burton SC Vintage Championships Paul Turner Poster NoR Write up
Jul 4th-5th Royal Harwich YC GUL Series #4 &
PursuitPursuit Race
Antony Gifford GUL e Write up
Jul Ely     HD 4P Write up
Jul 12th Sunderland YC ANEYC Open Meeting Will Mitchell n v NoR Write up
Jul 12th Ranelagh SC Open Meeting Jeremy Carey t  
Jul 19th Trent Valley SC HD Four Plank Series Paul Turner HD 4P Write up
Aug 1st-8th N. W. Norfolk Week N. W. Norfolk Week NoR & Entry Forms
Aug 8th-9th Norfolk Broads YC Vintage Dinghy Weekend Howard Chadwick v  
Aug 9th-14th Salcombe YC Yacht Club Regatta  
Aug 15th Olton Mere SC HD Four Plank Series DELAYED TO OCTOBER Chris Troth HD 4P  
Aug 22nd-25th Herne Bay SC Burton Week &
GUL Series #5
Tom Stewart  GUL NoR, Entry Form
Details on website
Aug 29th-30th Cramond BC Open Meeting Ed Willett s v Write up
Sep 6th Redesmere SC Open Meeting Brian Herring n m v  
Sep 12th-13th Solway YC GUL Series #6 &
Scottish Championships
Ian Purkis GUL s v NoR Write up
Sep 20th Henley SC Open Meeting Helene Hook t  
Sep 20th Yorkshire Dales SC Open Meeting Neil McInnes n Write up
Oct 3rd Ripon SC GUL Series #7 Jennie Clark GUL n v Write up
Oct 4th Yeadon SC Open Meeting Tim Gatti n v Write up
Oct 4th Twickenham YC Open Meeting Pip Deverson t Poster
Oct 17th-18th Salcombe YC Autumn Open Meeting Helen Lloyd sw  
Oct 24th Olton Mere SC Open Meeting & HD Four Plank Series Chris Troth m, HD 4P  
Oct 25th Tynemouth SC (Newburn) Open Meeting Howard Steavenson n NoR
Nov 7th Northampton SC GUL Series Finale &
Inland Championships
Tom Stewart GUL m Write up
Nov 8th Northampton SC Inland Championships m