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Yeadon open meeting

Numbers were slightly down this year due to the forecast 1 knot breeze and the fact that most competitors had been at the Ripon open meeting the day before where it was only possible to sail one race before the remaining races were abandoned due to lack of wind!  Despite the low wind strength however the fleet enjoyed some of the closest racing of the season so far.


Race 1 saw the first three boats trading places throughout the race with the remaining pack close behind and occasionally closing up as the fitful wind occasionally kicked in.  At the finish however it was John Cheetham and Natalie Tsang 1st N3209 a Crusader design followed by Howard Chadwick and Cathy Joseph in N2266 a fifty year old Starfish design, and the Philip David and Emma Hampshire in N3499 a Feeling Foolish.  Places had been changing throughout the rest of the fleet apart from Brian Herring and Ros Stevenson who were 4th each time around.  Will and Lois found Yeadon a challenge after the North Sea at Sunderland not least as a fisherman almost managed to reel them in before they retired.   Local sailors Neil McInnes and John Wheble N3216 were fighting Andrew Cowling and Catherine Ward N3356 with Neil finally passing Andrew and the final finisher being Angus Beyts crewed by Jonathan Garfitt.

Race 2 was dominated by Philip and Emma who found clear wind and open up a great lead followed by Howard and Cathy then John and Natalie closely followed by the rest of the fleet with once again much place changing throughout the race.

Race 3 was the closest yet with three boats in contention and constant place changing.  Going into the last mark it was Philip 1st then Howard followed by John but with fifty yards to go and Philip and Howard neck and neck it was John who slipped through again to take his second win of the day and the event overall!

A great days racing despite the challenging conditions our thanks go to the officers of the day for doing a great job setting courses in near impossible conditions, the catering team for feeding us so well and all the members of Yeadon Sailing Club for organising an excellent event.


Overall results



John Cheetham/Natalie Tsang

Yeadon S. C.

2 points




Philip David/Emma Hampshire

Ripon S. C.

3 points




Howard Chadwick/Cathy Joseph

Yeadon S.C.

4 points

1st Vintage



Brian Herring/Ros Stevenson

Winsford Flash

8 points

2nd Vintage



Angus Beyts/Jonathan Garfitt

Forfar/M Keynes

10 points




Neil McInnes/Jon Wheble

Yeadon S. C.

11 points




Andrew Cowling/Catherine Ward

Yeadon S. C.

13 points




Will Mitchell/Lois

Sunderland Y. S.

18 Points



Report- Howard Chadwick

020 taken by Sarah Chadwick
102 and 125 taken by Clare Rutherford


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