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Sorry if this a really stupid question, but how do you go about removing/replacing centre board from a double bottomed 12? (Mine is a Dingwall Numinous)
Boats / Re: N3226 Not for the Boys
05 Mar 2012, 08:21
Nice action shots. The water looks a bit low!
General National 12 chat / Re: Trapeze?
21 Oct 2011, 03:24
Ever tried trapezing off a beamy Cherub from the 70s? Yuk.......
Boats / Re: N3426 Purple Pants
22 Sep 2011, 03:36
Boat now advertised for sale.
I think I do similar to what you do. I have a thin line with a bobble on the end tied with a clovehitch or whatever around the mid point of the jib sheets and a bobble on the end of the dangly pole line.  Both lines pass through the jib clew cringle and slip over their respective bobble one each side.  Thought it was a quick and simple solution.
Works particularly well if you want to furl hoisted jib in the dinghy park.
Boats / Re: N3426 Purple Pants
22 Aug 2011, 06:25
Pictures of boat in dinghy park following refurb at the end of last year, plus one of boat in action earlier this year.
I would like to replace my mainsheet with something a bit thinner than what I have at present as it does not run out freely in the light stuff.  Similarly my crew has asked for thinner jib sheets for light conditions.
Cannot get to boat before trip to chandlers to measure so does anyone know what approx lengths of rope I need for each?  The main is a split tail type. 
Our Standing Order arrangement is for 6 months from April.  I think we have only had one member drop out in the first six months and we decided that it was not worthwhile to pursue. We only offer Standing Order for renewals and not new memberships. 
Can't really comment on the duty side of things as we do our rotas on a monthly basis (just received April's rota) so method of payment is not particularly relevant for us.
I guess you are planning for the withdrawal of cheques. We let our members pay by monthly standing order and via internet banking.  Done the former for many years with no problems. The latter is a more recent innovation but is I believe catching on and quite easy for Treasurer to manage. 
We have always used the latest no for N12s at Mid Warwickshire even when we were sailing Scooters, Pipedreams and Cheshire Cats. We never had a problem and were always competitive because the water was well suited to four plankers.
We now have a Foolish and Annie Apple.  Still competitive but do not dominate especially since British Moths have come onto the scene and revel on our very restricted water. The Supernvoas have also improved greatly.
For various reasons the two 12s have not been so active of late.  Hope to rectify this soon and get to grips with my refurbed boat and new sails and get locked into mortal combat!
And now there is the Riverboat XI being discussed on Y&Y right now.  Seems an even more unlikely contender complete with kite!
Just had my Typhoon back from Hammond Drysuits for replacement neck seal, tidy up a repair I did to the leg some years ago, pressure tested and one or two other bits.  very prompt service.
Not sure if I heard correctly, but I believe I was told a while ago that Graham has a smaller T Foil for use on puddles/rivers where frequent tacking is the norm and which has proved quite successful.  Is this the case and if so is there any likelihood of such a system becoming commercially available?
I think I would fit better seals to the transom flaps rather than make them less effective.....
New sails ordered from P&B.  Fairly painless experience and the advice given was useful.
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