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General National 12 chat / New PY
01 Mar 2013, 07:50
According to RYA website our new PY is 1077 for 2013.
Sorry if this a really stupid question, but how do you go about removing/replacing centre board from a double bottomed 12? (Mine is a Dingwall Numinous)
I would like to replace my mainsheet with something a bit thinner than what I have at present as it does not run out freely in the light stuff.  Similarly my crew has asked for thinner jib sheets for light conditions.
Cannot get to boat before trip to chandlers to measure so does anyone know what approx lengths of rope I need for each?  The main is a split tail type. 
My Alverbanks sails are beginning to look and feel a little tired, so time for new sails. Any recommendations on what is hot and what is not?  My inclination is to stick with what I know and like but would welcome alternative views. Is there a Nationals Gear guide on the site?  Had a quick look but couldn't see anything. 
Apologies if this has been featured already but I saw this for the first time tonight and thought it was worth sharing.
General National 12 chat / Numinous
24 Jun 2010, 12:44
Probably a daft question; but does any have or know of a Numinous that is or might become available for sale? I would very much like to buy one pre-owned.
Thank you.
General National 12 chat / DCB
25 Nov 2009, 08:47
In a rash moment I started to fill out in my mind the application form on this site for the P&B DCB.  When I added VAT at 17.5% and the bill came to well over £12K, I came round with a thump. 

Ho Hum must remember to do the lottery this week as sure as hell Father Christmas won't be bringing me one. All of a sudden some of the more expensive DB boats on the secondhand list are looking quite good value!

It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact this boat has on the market........
General National 12 chat / Crew Weight
29 May 2009, 08:26
Can anyone confirm what weight Jo and Sophie were carrying individually/between them at the nationals?
Well done to all involved!  Off to buy my lottery ticket! 8)
Interesting debate on Y&Y Forum about "which classes will survive"  Comparison made about how Merlins have competed successfully against RS400s and how N12's have fared less well against RS200s.  See
General National 12 chat / F'ing Boat
15 Nov 2006, 05:10
The Ratchet article on the man and his boat was most interesting.  If I read the article correctly the boat has 150% of freeboard of other current designs yet is only 5kg overweight.

Within the current rules would it be possible to build a DB 12 with a tall cockpit and a normal height bow with a swept down foredeck sort of like the RS300?

If so I guess  it would make for a relatively comfortable boat to sail and move around in
General National 12 chat / Rivet Guns
06 Aug 2006, 08:21
I need to re rivet some fittings on carbon fibre spars.  P&B are sending me some 5mm rivets suitable for carbon spars but my existing pop rivet gun I fear will not take 5mm.

Looking on the internet Stanley do what seems a quite decent rivet gun which fits the bill but I have also seen one or two "lazy" riveters which seem to be a concertina type affair.  

Any views on what is suitable for ocassional use.  The lazy riveters look like they would make easy work of the job but are they overkill?

Views would be welcome.
Have just acquired an older Winder Feeling Foolish.  The original non slip surface on the floor has worn through in places and is peeling off quite nicely in others.  In other areas it seems quite stable.  Any thoughts on sorting it out?  Is it feasible to use heat gun to remove what remains and if so what is the best thing to use for replacement?

Some "interesting"  comments but the Cherub boys are fighting our corner.  Time to get stuck in methinks!!
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