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Fantastic News About The Rondar Boat

Started by Martin, 28 Feb 2009, 08:12

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Well done to all involved!  Off to buy my lottery ticket! 8)


Ok you've piqued my interest, what have I missed? I'm guessing that Rondar are going to produce a 12, if so which design? and a load of other questions, and where can I find out?
I'd rather be sailing.  


Have a look at the information about the Dinghy Show in the fixtures list on this site.  There was also a one liner in the "Final Chapter" which was emailed out a few days ago.

John Meadowcroft

The prototype of the new Rondar Boat is in the final stages of preparation.  I saw the deck and hull moulding a week ago - it all needed to be bogged together and fitted out!

The design is the 2008 Burton Cup winning Paradigm 2. 

New tooling has been produced with the specific aim of being able to build gelcoat finished hulls at a cost effective price.  Rondar will offer the boat at various stages of completion from bare hull to completely fitted out with a choice of rigs / sails / and conventional rudder or Aardvark T-Foil.  The boat on the show will have a Superspar / P&B / Aardvark T-foil.

Rondar believe in having a boat in stock to be able to sell to you immediately - you alternatively may choose to wait and have one to your specific colour...  This availability is a fantastic benefit for the Class - getting a new boat will be more straight forward than it has been for a long long time so this will no longer be an excuse!

If you want to see photos of the build in process you will find them through my facebook page - you will find me by logging onto the Burton Week group on facebook...   National 12 Burton Week 2009 is the name of the group - you should probably join that too.

Finally Rondar believe that there is a substantial market out there of non 12 sailors which this product will be attractive too.  The non singlehanded new boats launched in the last 10 years generally are unsuitable for restricted water and they see a market opportunity that can be filled here.  They chose the National 12 rather than starting a new Class as they dont see the benefit of another new Class.  They chose the Paradigm 2 as it has a lot of rocker which makes it an ideal boat for tacking in restricted water.  Rocker also means that the hull can carry more weight than one with less.  The high freeboard makes the sitting position very comfortable for helm and crew.  Being able to win Championship races sealed the ticket...
Come and see it at Alexandra Palace this weekend.  Bring a cheque book - you dont have to use it...

For the avoidance of any doubt - I am not financially involved in the project - other than all the money I have spent building my own boat, driving down to Rondar, and all the time I could have spent doing other things! 

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