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Time for New Sails. Advice Sought

Started by Martin, 21 Sep 2010, 05:00

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My Alverbanks sails are beginning to look and feel a little tired, so time for new sails. Any recommendations on what is hot and what is not?  My inclination is to stick with what I know and like but would welcome alternative views. Is there a Nationals Gear guide on the site?  Had a quick look but couldn't see anything. 

Roly Mo

I think P&B have a sail sale on at the moment if that helps!


Besides P&B who is making sails for 12's these days?
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Guest (Guest)

For what it is worth I was disappointed with the service from Alverbanks as I had to keep chasing for weeks to get my new main sail delivered.  They did make a very nice sail, but I am still waiting for the sail numbers and for a quote for a new jib to match it.
Has anyone else had problems?


I understood that Stuart Hop had taken over at Alverbanks when Kevan retired, but I notice the link to the "new " website is broken.  Not sure if he is still trading?

Jeremy C

Correct me if I am wrong... but I believe that, unfortunately, Alverbanks is no longer trading and so the choice of experienced sail makers for 12 sails has dwindled a bit. P&B have obviously been supporting the class for a long period of time and North sails have been tried a few times over recent years..

Beyond that there are no other regular sail makers for 12's that I know of though I did get Rowsells to make me a set two years ago . maybe it is time to see if we can add to the list?

If I have missed any sailmaker off this ... please accept my appologies!
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I Like my North Sails.  I'm not a "me
to" person so will always try something different.  Tim Rush is the
man 07973512645.  Hyde would love to have a go. Charles Devonport 0845

Guest (Guest)

That doesn't surprise me if Alverbanks are no longer trading.  Does anyone have a nearly new Alverbanks Jib they would like to sell to match my new main?

Jane Wade

Well clearly biased but nothing to do with 'me too' - P&B produce excellent sails and have more titles than any of the other sail makers.  Tom and Dave also put a lot of time and effort into supporting the class, deliver what and when they say they will.  And yes they do have some good deals on 12 sails before Christmas.

sophie (Guest)

We sailed with North's this year and they were great - I love my jib, which is kind of weird as i don't generally get excited about sails!!


I have now had contact with Stuart Hop formerly of Alverbanks and he is not currently producing sails but pursuing other interests. 
Given that my boat is a standard P&B Foolish, I guess purchasing sails from them is going to be least route of hassle


New sails ordered from P&B.  Fairly painless experience and the advice given was useful.

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