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Updating Rig -Options?

Started by Martin, 17 May 2007, 01:16

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I doubt that the mast has changed too much over its life, except that it probably looks scruffy.  The obvious thing to do is to buy new sails and see how that changes things. When we are sailing a lot we have a new suit every year.  Longer-term if you want to push up the fleet in 2008 then it is worth considering what kind of new boat you would like, as the lead times are very long at the moment.



I guess one of the concerns with the mast is that the sail track is getting a bit rough and cracked.  It is damaging the sail cloth around the boltrope and I am concerned what it might do to a new sail over time.  Not sure how easy it is to repair or replace sail track?  I notice Chipstow has a refurbishment service.  I could speak to them.


I have a Chipstow mast and Alverbank sails on my Numinous and am very happy with both.  The Chipstow mast is a lovely thing but it is expensive and, although lighter than a Superspar, that just means I carry lead on it.  I'm not convinced that it is necessarily quicker.  I think Kevan makes great sails and I've just ordered a new 2007 rules suit.  My old ones - 2 seasons old and used quite a lot, were beginning to look a bit worn.  Graham and Zoe have a new suit of Alverbanks too, which looked great at Trent Valley last weekend.  

I am one of the five proud Numinous owners and wish to stay that way, so no chance of my boat being on the 2nd hand list for a good while yet.

Mike D

James Taylor

Have to say that Emma and myself have now put a carbon rig and have got 2 suits from Alverbanks and the sails are really good very happy with both suits ( Pentax for away / Champs ) and a heavier Lamiate set for club and heavy wind sailing. A new suit of sails and carbon rig which we are still tuning have make 3402 so much better and really please with the whole package.

New sails are the way to go first I think.

N3304 Up for Sale

P.S had a windy sail on monday and was only 5 sec behided on corrected time from the 8th in the world Ent Sailor and we capized too shame would have like to have see what the time was if we didn't.


If you do end up getting a Chipstow mast (very nice mast, from a very nice man) I would be very interested in the possibility of purchasing your then second hand mast.

If you go this way please let me know.

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