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I am on my second Typhoon Drysuit now. My previous one was sent back to Typhoon twice for repair. Basically  on receipt they check it over to confirm what needs doing and give a quote.  On the second ocassion there was so much additional work they reckoned that that needed doing in addition to the damage I was aware of, and the cost was going to be about half of what a replacement was going to cost.  Perhaps rather foolishly I told them not to bother sending it back and I now wonder what became of it!!

My advice would be proceed carefully.

Managed to put a small hole in the  knee on my latest Typhoon not so long ago.  (The only reason I bought another was the discount offered by the chandler at the time)  repaired it myself using a cycle puncture repair kit and so far it has held well.


I understand that Musto outsource their drysuit repair work.  A mate of mine found out who the company was and dealt with them direct second time around.  Very good repairs and very affordable.  Wish I could remember the name of the company...............
Email it to those who are content to receive it that way.  Snail mail to everyone else.  Give people the choice!
I am the editor of our sailing club's newsletter.  I have a circulation list of approx 80 of which just 10 receive a paper copy.  The remainder are content to receive their newsletter by email in PDF format.

The only comment I would make is that if you go down this road make the newsletter screen friendly ie no columns as it becomes a pain to read unless you print it of.
General National 12 chat / Rivet Guns
06 Aug 2006, 08:21
I need to re rivet some fittings on carbon fibre spars.  P&B are sending me some 5mm rivets suitable for carbon spars but my existing pop rivet gun I fear will not take 5mm.

Looking on the internet Stanley do what seems a quite decent rivet gun which fits the bill but I have also seen one or two "lazy" riveters which seem to be a concertina type affair.  

Any views on what is suitable for ocassional use.  The lazy riveters look like they would make easy work of the job but are they overkill?

Views would be welcome.
Kicker is  tight enought to stop boom lifting.  The batten is the standard one that comes with a P&B Kevlar Main.
I did speak to Dave when I bought the boat as clearly it has been patched as the stuff was coming off.  I can't remember now exactly what he said he used but it was on the lines of th Hi Build coloidal silica solution mentioned earlier in the thread. This is effective but the colour match isn't great.

I was just really trying to establish if it was a problem common to these boats.  Apart from the floor which is going to need sorting I am very pleased with the boat.  Not sure if I am going to have the time or inclination to do it myself.  A couple of guys at our Club have had their elderly Lasers refurbished by an ex Laser Centre employee who has set up on his own in the locality.  His work seems of a good quality and reasonably priced.  Might have a chat with him.

There is  rubber non slip padding (purple of course!)on the centreboard case capping, which is very effective when roll tacking. Presumably that is progrip?
3426 "Purple Pants"
So is the standard finish on a Winder Foolish Progrip?  I had, maybe incorrectly, assumed Progrip was a tape adhesive. I presumed the stuff on the floor of the boat was some kind of gel coat with a coarse finish to provide a non slip surface.  
Have just acquired an older Winder Feeling Foolish.  The original non slip surface on the floor has worn through in places and is peeling off quite nicely in others.  In other areas it seems quite stable.  Any thoughts on sorting it out?  Is it feasible to use heat gun to remove what remains and if so what is the best thing to use for replacement?

Some "interesting"  comments but the Cherub boys are fighting our corner.  Time to get stuck in methinks!!
As the boat goes over do not be tempted to climb on the high side as your weight will sink the boat further and when you right the boat make sure that you keep your weight low ie don't stand on centreboard or hang on gunwhales.  (oh for a self drainer!)
Have 2 old metal masts for a 12 kicking around in back garden in Kenilworth Warwickshire.  One is a Holt and the other an early Proctor.  Either or both free to a good home (but a donation to RNLI would be nice)

email  me at:  the(.)seatons(@)ntlworld(.)com(remove brackets!)
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