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I have now had contact with Stuart Hop formerly of Alverbanks and he is not currently producing sails but pursuing other interests. 
Given that my boat is a standard P&B Foolish, I guess purchasing sails from them is going to be least route of hassle
I understood that Stuart Hop had taken over at Alverbanks when Kevan retired, but I notice the link to the "new " website is broken.  Not sure if he is still trading?
My Alverbanks sails are beginning to look and feel a little tired, so time for new sails. Any recommendations on what is hot and what is not?  My inclination is to stick with what I know and like but would welcome alternative views. Is there a Nationals Gear guide on the site?  Had a quick look but couldn't see anything. 
Boats / Re: N2470 Tangler
06 Sep 2010, 07:13
I can remember family holidays in those Houseboats back in the 70s with my Father's Heron tied up to the balcony!8)
I am currently finding that the British Moths are giving us a hard time in our Foolish on our puddle at the moment. I would like to think we have the edge on skill but that said I know I desperately need to replace the sails.........
Apologies if this has been featured already but I saw this for the first time tonight and thought it was worth sharing.
Having owned both Cherubs and Fireballs in the past I can confirm you would not be dissapointed with a Nat 12. Some will say that the 12 is weigh sensitive and if it is true we are probably on the heavy side ourselves but it certainly doesn't impact on our enjoyment or competitiveness at Club level.
If your budget runs to the Baggys on sale at the moment, and if it is still available I would also be tempted to look at Magic Pudding which is currently advertised.  Same sort of money and you get a double bottom thrown in.
Happy hunting:):)
I would think the fact that the Foolish has an excellent track record and has always been readily available commercially off the shelf has a lot to do with it.  Punters and Builder both happy therefore little incentive to promote new design. I think a similar fate befell the Numinous.
With a winged rudder does the helm feel any different (heavier perhaps) Do they impact on tacking and would they be a practical proposition for pond sailors?
Boats / Re: N2308 Crystal Tips
30 Jul 2010, 06:29
Looks like the basis of a nice boat.  The reservoir in the background looks a bit empty!
....and a supplementary question if anyone will take it. How are the new Paradigm owners finding their boats performing compared to the DCBs and their previous boats? In what conditions/water types do they perform best?
General National 12 chat / Numinous
24 Jun 2010, 12:44
Probably a daft question; but does any have or know of a Numinous that is or might become available for sale? I would very much like to buy one pre-owned.
Thank you.
Quote from: 86Have you tried tieing the other end to something. It sometimes helps if the other end of the mainsheet isn't free to rotate.

Do you mean the other end that is in your hand? I so not sure how tying that off will help? 
I get the same problem with my split tail (standard one supplied by P&B) Every so often I remove the mainsheet from the boat and untwist it. 
If you are new to split tails I would recommend that when sailing always keep the mainsheet under tension.  I have had the misfortune to gybe on a couple of ocassions with slack in the mainsheet and the tail managed to pul through and jam in the bottom block of the mainsheet. 
So any chance of a hybrid?  Paradigm 3 topsides and Paradigm 2 underneath.  Would it work other than aesthetics (which I accept is in the eye of the beholder)? 
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