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Graham, if you are desperate for a crew on Sunday I'm avalable.

Michael Airey 07867 802062
Well just to  add fuel to the fire I started out with centre on 3525 and liked it very much.  I'm now giving aft a try and seem to be getting on ok.  There is certainly more room for the crew and the boat feels less cluttered.  the centre jammer was great though as it gave me  free hand some of the time.
Thanks Alistair, If my crew can't make it I will let you know.  Michael 07867 802062
Trying to come.  Depends on the availability of my crew. Will know nearer the time.  Michael N3525.  PS whats the parking situation?
Seems that you have done some magic :)  Michael
Might there be somebody down there at Henley who would crew for me on Sunday?  Michael 07867 802062
Boats / Re: N3525 Mog
13 Sep 2011, 06:25
After six or more months gathering expensive dust Old Socks is making appearances at Ranalagh.  Such hard sailing, but boat handling will improve.....:o
Would love to come in 3525.  Need to find a crew and will start working on that now.  Michael
Ian,  We must meet up and have a sail.  I have been sailing at Ranalagh, Datchet and Thorpe Bay.  I have the foil on pretty much all the time and I think that was what the other DCB owners thought when they started (please correct me you others).  I would reduce it a bit up wind when the wind gets up to reduce the bow down effect and on a reach to promote plaining.  Having said that others might ay that bow down upwind is always good except in a big sea and I know the 14 boys keep it on off wind and sit right on it!
I expect you are off to BW and will learn loads there!
I Like my North Sails.  I'm not a "me
to" person so will always try something different.  Tim Rush is the
man 07973512645.  Hyde would love to have a go. Charles Devonport 0845
Where are the Larks going?  Cant we tag along.......
Composite Craft in the UK built Dare's rudder and mine. rock solid!
Marius, Luok at the ownwes stuff tab at the top of this page, then technical stuff, then amature building and then building in wood.  I'm sure Dare will contact you sometime soon.  please kkep us all up to date with your build project:)
Sorry Ian I wont be able to make it on Sat, although I'm much in need!  Hope you all have a good day.
Have a chat with Bob Preston at Composite Craft 01983 240444.  he will talk through the options with you.  Michael
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