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General National 12 chat / 2016 Events
18 Nov 2015, 12:36
When might the 2016 events calendar be published?  - I'm keen to do a few in my old Cat next year and would like to get some on the calendar before other things overtake!
Stuart Walker - Advanced Racing Tactics - Classic from the 70's
High Performance Sailing - Frank Bethwaite (90's) brilliant, scientific approach (not to be confused with Higher Perfomance Sailing which is not a later edition but a different work focused more on Aussie Skiffs)
Be careful that you have space to get the centrboard back in the case afterwards. My board pretty much follows the keel line so I have not been able to make this modifcation to my Cheshire Cat without re-profiling the plate. Gerry Ledger advised me some years ago that it would be OK otherwise a my boat had both keel and hog. I suggest you talk to a boat-builder before you take the plunge.
Is it worth it? - I don't think so myself.
Personally I would give the DIY approach a go with some guidance but a lot of people wouldn't. If there was a commercial operation who would be prepared to offer some options - say a kit, i.e.. a basic, epoxy sheathed t-foil, a finished version in epoxy or carbon with the correct fittings. I'm sure they would find a market with all those double-bottom-no-t-foil-boats out there. A builder may be prepared to offer a t-foil fitted for a fixed price? I wonder if (for example, the likes of..) Mike Cook, Kevin Driver or Ben Dingwall would be interested??
Having said that I have no plans to get a modern 12 at the moment but I would like to see the fleet flourishing once more which I think is also where Malcolm and Antony (got spelling right this time! ...sorry Antony) were coming from.
A couple of weeks ago I got at an e-mail reminder of the N12 Open at Twickenham which was held yesterday. I don't sail my 12 much these days but I decided to pop along and was glad I did. The wind wasn't great on the first race but filled in for the second, was even better for third and we had a very nice sail with the South Westerly breeze more or less straight down the reach. Sadly there were only two visitors (including us) which was a shame. The TYC N12 fleet has struggled in recent years but the home fleet has seen a resurgence lately and now numbers about half a dozen N12's with some young blood and newer boats adding to the vitality of the fleet.
This meeting is in danger in the future if it is not supported. It would be sad to see it lost like so many others have. So please put it in your diaries for next year.
Hi Stuart, I would disagree,  I would say that a £2,000 double bottom boat with a sub £1,000 foiling rudder update would be more competitive than an equivalent RS200.
PS I hate to read this constant comparison with the RS200, people buy RS200's for very different reasons than people might buy N12's.
I don't know what Anthony was thinking but I would suggest around the price of a new suit of sails would be reasonable and achievable. Surly there are some economies to be had in a small producuton run and not using carbon throughout? Must be a quite a good potential market I would guess.
Well said Malcolm, thats the most sensible suggestion (re N12's) I've seen for ages!!
So was there any sailing yesterday?
Just been looking a the picture of Dinsdale's restoration, wow what a great job Kevin has done!! You must be very pleased John? What a beautiful boat.
I see only 8 12's at SYC Regatta this year. What a shame, we used to get near 40 not that long ago. Why don't the 12's do Salcombe? ...120 odd Merlins this year.
Hi John, Yes I suspect the boats have aged better than the owners! It would be nice to get out again. We expected to see you in Salcombe at the beginning of July taking photo's (yes we have more than one old boat now!). Hope all is well - Dave
Is there likely to be racing for 4-plankers? If so it would be a good incentive to get 2935 back in commision again :)
Dave C
My daughter Abbie is looking to get her RYA instructor this spring so she can teach sailing in the summer. She needs to get on a first aid course and I know many clubs run these for their members from time to time. If anyone knows of a course running in the near future with a space we would love to hear about it.

Thanks  Dave
Hi Simon,

Don't forget Arthur and Mary Henderson won Salcombe week in his dad's old Baggy which now has a 'T'-foil, not that there are are many double-bottom baggy's about... however i did notice Tom Hayhoe's Ian Ridge built boat was gathering dust at Ranelagh last time I was there - just a thought.

Look us up at the next 29er event (Winter Champ's) it would be nice to have a 12 sailor to chat to, it seems most of the parents are x-Oppy or topper's.... (our 29er is no1235).


We have been away a few years and looking forward to sailing the old boat round at Saclombe once more but just over a week to go and only a dozen entries!!!! - what's happened? I thought there would 2 or 3 times as many.
Dave C
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