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What's the parking like on a Sunday morning? Is that going to be a problem???
Hi David,

I made some enquiries as I fancied doing this in my 30-year-old Cheshire Cat with my eldest daughter but it's Merlins only and they are expecting a very big entry. So the only option is to borrow a Merlin (or buy one as it seems a lot of us 12 sailors seem to be doing lately!).


Dave C (N2935 and MR 3508)
Suggest one of the Cheshire Dinghy and Dive Baggy Trousers but there were only a handfull made. You might also consider a design-8 or a Final Chapter in plastic.
I hear that there is a Tideway race planned next year. Is there likeley to be a N12 start? My old 12 is 30 years old next year, I need an excuse to blow the dust off her! Regards, Dave C.
PS If Fran Gifford reads this ... I saw your old Cadet at Frencham Ponds last week-end!

My daughters recently attended the Cadet open meeting at South Cerney. It's a super little club and very friendly. The lake is about the size of Aldenham (for those who remember), maybe a bit bigger. A good place to sail 12's. Now a joint Cadet/12 open, that would be interesting! About an 1hr 45 mins from west London.

Hi David W,

...or we could start a fleet at Tamesis (Will is a member too) however, I don't think my girls will want to sail with an old has-been! The other problem is they think non-spinnaker boats (as well as parents etc.,) are un-cool!

One thing I forgot to mention is that the RYA have a lot to answer for. They are very keen to cream-off the best youngsters and move them into 420's, Lazers, 29ers and 470 etc,  to the detriment of the national classes. I notice one of the Martin girls (sorry can't remember which) has moved into 420's and as we might expect is up the front of the fleet.

I might dust off the old boat once or twice next year (it's her 30th birthday) ... if I can still remember how to sail a 12.
Hi David(s),

You are so right about clubs,  this has been a problem for so long now I think it will be ver difficult to rectify. I would love to be sailing a 12 regularly at a local club, my children are now keen Cadet sailors, they deserve to have their chance to sail their own boat as I had at the same age so that takes priority. I think there must be a number of people in similar circumstances who try and fit the odd morning or evening of dinghy sailing in around other commitments. My nearest club is Twickenham (as you know), unfortunately the 12's have pretty much died out there. We are now sailing at Tamesis where there is a small but keen Cadet fleet unfortunately no 12's (they died about 10 years ago). The Merlin fleet at Tamesis is very strong with a mix of people who mostly sail away and thoes who almost never travel, this is key because there is never a mass exodus when a big open meeting is on or a for championship week. One of the big differences is that old Melins are more competitive inland than the new ones.
Nice to readabout Salcombe and some familiar names, shame there were only 17 boats.  I think it's the first year in about 25 years (or more!) that we haven't managed to get to Salcombe with any of the boats let alone do one of the dinghy weeks. Salcombe cold-turkey!!! Last week we were at Portland for the Cadet champs with the next generation. Just in case you were wondering where a certain Mr Salcombe (Hendserson) was, he was at Portland too. Cheers, Dave
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