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Did anyone catch the Dan Snow Dig WW2 (episode 3) last week? In the first 10 mins of the film there is a rescue of a WW2 US bomber crew that ditched in Loch Foyle by two ladies in a National 12 !
Its on BBC iPlayer at -
Just looking through the events for this year I notice that Ranelagh is again conspicuous by its absence. Does anyone know if the club may hold a N12 event? Given the long history of the class and the numerous successful 12 sailors associated with the club it seems a real shame that it may be lost forever.

Did we all catch Mike Cook on the Guy Martin Speed programme last night (Ch 4) ?

If not have a look at:

Dave C

I need to make some new transom flaps - can someone advise where to buy that thin/flexible clear plastic everyone seems to use these days?

Thanks, Dave


Having a sort out in the garage and I have a small boat trailer road-base which I no longer need. Make unknown, it may even be a one-off. It would be fine for short local journeys but the suspension units need to be replaced before any serious journeys (they are about £40 a pair I believe), also the tyres. It was used for a Cadet and would probably be fine for a 12 but nothing any bigger. Send me an e-mail if you want it. We are in SW London.

Regards, Dave
I'm looking to make a rudder stock / tiller assembly, I'm thinking of using carbon tube for the tiller but I've never bought any before so, what spec should it be and who might supply it? I'm also wondering if something like a broken spinnaker pole or similar might work (I suspect it won't be strong enough). Any suggestions / advice would be welcome.

Kind regards, Dave C
Hi, Is there a date yet for the Ranelagh open meeting usually held late Jan early Feb?
General National 12 chat / 2016 Events
18 Nov 2015, 12:36
When might the 2016 events calendar be published?  - I'm keen to do a few in my old Cat next year and would like to get some on the calendar before other things overtake!
A couple of weeks ago I got at an e-mail reminder of the N12 Open at Twickenham which was held yesterday. I don't sail my 12 much these days but I decided to pop along and was glad I did. The wind wasn't great on the first race but filled in for the second, was even better for third and we had a very nice sail with the South Westerly breeze more or less straight down the reach. Sadly there were only two visitors (including us) which was a shame. The TYC N12 fleet has struggled in recent years but the home fleet has seen a resurgence lately and now numbers about half a dozen N12's with some young blood and newer boats adding to the vitality of the fleet.
This meeting is in danger in the future if it is not supported. It would be sad to see it lost like so many others have. So please put it in your diaries for next year.
My daughter Abbie is looking to get her RYA instructor this spring so she can teach sailing in the summer. She needs to get on a first aid course and I know many clubs run these for their members from time to time. If anyone knows of a course running in the near future with a space we would love to hear about it.

Thanks  Dave
We have been away a few years and looking forward to sailing the old boat round at Saclombe once more but just over a week to go and only a dozen entries!!!! - what's happened? I thought there would 2 or 3 times as many.
Dave C
There is a talk this Thursday evening at Frensham Pond SC by Olympic medalist, America's Cup and Round-the-World yachtsman Ian Walker, there are a few tickets left at £10, if you would like to come please e-mail  or call Dave Croft  on 07963475988
Ian has kindly offered his time, the talk is in aid of the Cadet GBR squad who are going to Argentina at the end of December for the World Championships. There is a strong N12 connection with names such as Henderson, Dingwall, Croft and Shorrock in the team.
Kind regards, Dave C
Arthur Henderson - Will's younger son (and sometime N12 crew) has just won the Cadet National Championships at Torbay. There are a few N12 and x-N12 son's and daughter's racing Cadets at the moment.
Competition was tough with 97 boats racing - it was a great result and a very popular one. More details at -
Dave C
Hi, I'm a bit out of touch lately with class rules and was wondering if someone can summarise the new rules with regard to changes in sail measurement. If I turn up to a meeting or two this year am I going to find my old sails are smaller than everyone eles's???  Thanks, Dave
General National 12 chat / Cadet Crew
24 Apr 2007, 11:46
Sorry folks, not exaclty N12's but ... My daugter Caroline(13) -  very experienced Cadet sailor and sometime N12 helm needs a crew for the Cadet open at Portland on 5th/6th May. All accomodation and everything is already sorted, two days racing in a 100plus fleet in Portland harbour. Do any of you have any children or know of any who would be interested in a spot of crewing? If so please give me a call - 07963475988 or e-mail me. Cheers, Dave
Is there a programme of events yet for the Northampton 70th anniversary week-end? We might get there if I can persuade the Cadet sailors in the family it will be more fun than the Cadet national indicator at Draycote on the same week-end! Cheers Dave C
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