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Hi Roland,

I would definitely have a word with Dave at Dynamic Sails in Emsworth if you haven't already sorted this out.

Cheers, Dave C
Did anyone catch the Dan Snow Dig WW2 (episode 3) last week? In the first 10 mins of the film there is a rescue of a WW2 US bomber crew that ditched in Loch Foyle by two ladies in a National 12 !
Its on BBC iPlayer at -
Just looking through the events for this year I notice that Ranelagh is again conspicuous by its absence. Does anyone know if the club may hold a N12 event? Given the long history of the class and the numerous successful 12 sailors associated with the club it seems a real shame that it may be lost forever.

Give Chris Gould a call at Creation Covers (07910291507), he will come and measure your boat and the resulting cover will fit perfectly...
Hi Alan,

Bouncer (2993) was converted to double-floor some years ago, at the champs last year she was in the double-floor / no T foil group.

It will depend on what categories there are at the events you attend but it looks like you are not considered an "Admirals Cup" boat. I wouldn't worry if I were you, just go race the boat and enjoy yourself!

Regards, Dave
Did we all catch Mike Cook on the Guy Martin Speed programme last night (Ch 4) ?

If not have a look at:

Dave C

Hi Ed, Thanks for your kind comments, we only came to celebrate the old boat's 40th year... didn't expect to win anything. It was dam hard work the first two days, we were happy to finish in one piece. Still we had a blast and were also rewarded with great conditions on Tuesday.

The Sunday pics were good; these Fiona Brown ones are excellent quality and it is very generous of her to offer royalty free to competitors.

Cheers, Dave
Hi Ed,

Thanks these are great! There were also some taken on Sunday, I guess the SUnday ones were a club member?


Yes, a great event and a very friendly club. Champagne sailing on Tuesday... we came to celebrate our old boat's 40th and the last thing we expected was to pick up a couple of pots! Also, some great reports on the Y&Y site
There were lots of good photos from Sunday on the big screen at the club - are these available anywhere?
Thanks to everyone who organised the event and especially to Janet and Johnno who sorted us out :-)
Dave C
Is there a more up-to-date entry list? The one on the Burton Week web site shows just 29 entries.
Does anyone know what the dress code is for the Burton dinner???
Thanks John that's great!
I need to make some new transom flaps - can someone advise where to buy that thin/flexible clear plastic everyone seems to use these days?

Thanks, Dave


Having a sort out in the garage and I have a small boat trailer road-base which I no longer need. Make unknown, it may even be a one-off. It would be fine for short local journeys but the suspension units need to be replaced before any serious journeys (they are about £40 a pair I believe), also the tyres. It was used for a Cadet and would probably be fine for a 12 but nothing any bigger. Send me an e-mail if you want it. We are in SW London.

Regards, Dave
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