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Thanks for the reply Angus! I remember last place - my most consistent result!
Thanks for your patience Graham.

Reading the rules it seems that 1312mm will be the furthest back from sheerline possible

2. Fore Triangle Height - Rule 10.2 Check that the distance from the Sheerline to the point where the extension of the luff of the jib intersects the Mast when held at a downward slope of 2:7 (16 degrees) does not exceed 4575mm.
OK, I have tried to get this info from searching the forum and elsewhere, but to no avail.

I have noticed that there are two more common mast step positions. A forward position about 110cm from the bow, and a more aft position about 130cm from the bow.

The original Uffa King design was 3 foot 6 inch = 106cm

1/3rd of boat length, which is common in the Merlin, would be 120cm

Is this a design specific difference or does it alter within a hull design?

Is there a commensurate movement of the centre-board?

What are the effects of a more forward mast step and vice versa? Is this to do with benefits of a large jib?
Thanks Graham!
I was based at Scaling Dam previously - sailing in the handicap races there. I did do Tynemouth and Ripon opens a few times. I also sailed at the inlands in Northampton.

My nearest club is TSSC which is a small 36 acres in the rolling dales. I could also travel further to Scaling, Derwent or Ripon.

This will be the first step to getting back on the water, I have a friend who is keen to crew at 10 stone and i'm (cough) 15 (cough)

Do you think a big issue would do well with a foiling rudder? Having read some of the posts from the last few years this seems to have been the big innovation - how does that affect ideal crew weights?

Ohh - and if anyone else has a fairly recent design for sale - preferably with carbon rig - please get in touch! I'm 'up north' (part of the 'red wall') but will be traveling to Norfolk and Milton Keynes next week, so happy to come and look around there also
Hi All,

I was a N12 sailor a loooong time ago, with my son in a baggy trousers. It's been 14 years out of sailing (since my crew ended up 6'4"). I am eyeing up a return and saw N3500 availble. I well remember this being the peak of technology back in the day and seeing it at the dinghy show!

My question is - what should I look out for in an old carbon boat like this? does carbon go 'soft', it is after all just resin composite like glass. Does it take in water? What weight should the hull be (without the lead).

As a preivous (briefly) N12 sailor. I know that one of the reasons I stopped sailig was the loss of my regular crew. I toyed with the idea of modifying the boat for single handed sailing before giing it up. The reason I did not do this was because I would not have a recognised PY number and I would be out of class (deavaluing my boat).
Could it be possible to allow single handed sailing in class rules? this would allow those members of the assoociation who lose crews to apathy or university etc, to stay in the class. it would also probably provoke new designs specifically tailored to the single hander.
I'm sure there are good arguments against this - perhaps the RYA hae rules against it or something? but a light, technical, carbon 12 rigged for a single hander that could sail at the champs (with a special trophy), inland events, and have an official PY for club racing would surely be appealing to many?
I was thinking of converting 3253 to a single hander once. I was going to put an additional mast step further for'ard so I could rig it with or without a jib. Never came off as I bought 3367 which was far too beautiful to mess with. The space frame designs would be a good test bed for this.
Totally agree about the low carb diet BTW. Stay clear of potatoes, Pasta, Rice etc. and the weight will fall off - wont feel hungry either. I am now nearly back to 80kg from 90kg late last year.
Just for interest for those who are thinking of sending stuff using a parcel service.
I recently sent two items, some speaker stands to portugal and the aardvark technologies boom to Jon. These both went via the parcel broker 'interparcel' as they were by far the cheapest option.
The outcome was that both parcels were lost. The speaker stands did eventually surface and have been delivered but over one month late and after both I and the consignee constantly contacted interparcel on their premium rate customer care number. The boom was declared lost pretty quickly. I'm now trying to claim the value back.
The common denominator, besides interparcel, was that both items were delivered but the customer was not in, so they got 'returned to depot'. It seems this is where both DHL and TNT just throw the parcel into a 'black hole'.
I too would be interested if anyone sees the boom - it is unlikely to come up as an N12 item as it has no identifying features - it does have the aardvark sticker on it though - so they might be contacted at some point. It was in a robust triangular cross section cardboard box.
Does anyone have any good experience to report about parcel companies? I will have more large items to courier in the future.
i've PM'ed you John, as I still have a brand new white Aardvark racing N12 carbon boom sitting in my garage (a long story)
I am posting this here as I can't log into the ad section (it won't let me recover my password)
I'm selling my 75mm round white carbon boom to the highest bidder on ebay. The auction will go live from 6pm Sunday. I will be applying a £150 'buy it now' option, but this will disappear once the first bid is made. So if you really want it for that price, email me before 6pm Sunday.
It is brand new, never been rigged or on a boat. Mike makes these to order for £275 ( So it is a bargain at this price.
It is currently in Saltburn, North East England. It comes in a solid cardboard triangular box, so can be posted. However, it would be better collected or hand delivered by a fellow N12 sailor if possible. I can keep hold of it until this is arranged.
Ring me on 07817362823 or email philipj thefirstdot cosson at ntlworld theseconddot com

(I also have a large and a small drysuit. These are hardly used. They will be going on ebay as well at some time soon.)

This NEW white carbon Aardspars boom is still cluttering up my hall - all packaged and ready to fly out to a new owner.

How can I tempt you?
Full details on the advert.
Tragic. My thoughts are with you Simon.
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