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OK, I have tried to get this info from searching the forum and elsewhere, but to no avail.

I have noticed that there are two more common mast step positions. A forward position about 110cm from the bow, and a more aft position about 130cm from the bow.

The original Uffa King design was 3 foot 6 inch = 106cm

1/3rd of boat length, which is common in the Merlin, would be 120cm

Is this a design specific difference or does it alter within a hull design?

Is there a commensurate movement of the centre-board?

What are the effects of a more forward mast step and vice versa? Is this to do with benefits of a large jib?
Hi All,

I was a N12 sailor a loooong time ago, with my son in a baggy trousers. It's been 14 years out of sailing (since my crew ended up 6'4"). I am eyeing up a return and saw N3500 availble. I well remember this being the peak of technology back in the day and seeing it at the dinghy show!

My question is - what should I look out for in an old carbon boat like this? does carbon go 'soft', it is after all just resin composite like glass. Does it take in water? What weight should the hull be (without the lead).

I am posting this here as I can't log into the ad section (it won't let me recover my password)
I'm selling my 75mm round white carbon boom to the highest bidder on ebay. The auction will go live from 6pm Sunday. I will be applying a £150 'buy it now' option, but this will disappear once the first bid is made. So if you really want it for that price, email me before 6pm Sunday.
It is brand new, never been rigged or on a boat. Mike makes these to order for £275 ( So it is a bargain at this price.
It is currently in Saltburn, North East England. It comes in a solid cardboard triangular box, so can be posted. However, it would be better collected or hand delivered by a fellow N12 sailor if possible. I can keep hold of it until this is arranged.
Ring me on 07817362823 or email philipj thefirstdot cosson at ntlworld theseconddot com

(I also have a large and a small drysuit. These are hardly used. They will be going on ebay as well at some time soon.)

This NEW white carbon Aardspars boom is still cluttering up my hall - all packaged and ready to fly out to a new owner.

How can I tempt you?
Full details on the advert.

I am trying to get back into the class for little cost. I have an excellent Laser dinghy for sail on the laser forum

If anyone would like to swap for a decent 12 I would be open to offers. Here are the pictures
Its time for a change in cars. I'm wondering what the smallest car anyone has had success towing a N12 with. I remember seeing a Mini in 2006  but not sure of the engine size.
I don't want this to happen -

General National 12 chat / Displacement
04 Aug 2008, 10:23
Anyone hazard a guess at the displacement of a national 12 (ball park)?
Is anyone traveling to Burton Week from the North East? Would you be willing to take an extra mainsail with you?
I have gone ahead and done it. Here is a 21st century method of debating/evolving the class rules.

In doing this I have noticed several discrepancies - for example there is a note refering to clasue 5.2.2 (which doesn't exist)

The way I envisage anyone using it is to add explanations or comments to the 'thread' for any individial entry - like the good explanations that are already here about certain rules.
The actual entries can be edited for grammar/spelling etc. at will.
The descriptions of the clauses can be altered at will - these were the best i could do in the time, and i gave up toward the end (when it became too technical)
The content of the clauses could be altered by anybody after debate - like changing the length to 13 feet!
Clauses can be deleted after debate - like 11.7.2

The original entry can always be reverted back to. And of course anybody else can reedit your edit
Enjoy or ignore

Does anybody have any experience with different carriers for transporting sails? I'm looking to post some to the south coast this week
FOR SALE - 2004 set of Pinnel and Bax sails; Dacron jib, Pentex main. I bought these from John Meadowcroft last year just before buying a new boat which came with a great set of sails.
I have never used the main and only used the jib once (at Northampton in November 2007). I have decided they ought to be be being used by someone rather than sitting in my garage. They come with battens and a black Pinnel and Bax sail bag. £350 ONO (which is what I paid for them, I believe)
ALSO FOR SALE - an oldish polyester Hyde Mainsail - suitable for training or windy weather - comes with a Hyde sailbag but no battens. £50 ONO
My number is in the book - otherwise email
Philip (who will be putting this on the ad section as soon as the password is reset!
is there an ical file this year? i can't see it on the website.
General National 12 chat / watch
07 Mar 2008, 12:56
Has anyone got a recomendation for a simple watch for use in timing the start of a race?

Needs to be quite easy to read - eyesight not what it was.

It also needs to be cheap (post christmas reality check!)

I KNOW they are illegal...

but anyone got ant recommendations for one to take out and track our course during training?

particularly interested in beating
does anyone know the number/name of the crudader 88 currently for sale?

General National 12 chat / boat search
04 Aug 2007, 01:48
i'm currently without a boat :-(

i'm trying to be a bit proactive and i wondered if any of these boats are active at the moment, if not perhaps they could be for sale?



Some interesting insights can be gleaned from this, well done to all concerned.

The highlights for me included:

Combine answers to Q5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 and you get a picture of a lot of N12's in garages (especially in the winter)

Q13c shows that some folk attend open meetings hoping to chew the fat, experiment, learn and bimble, but the seasoned hands have a very efficient routine off pat to maximise racing time and minimise actual time at the venue.

Q21a&b, 22a,b &c shows that, for a development class, there is a pretty conservative streak

Q41 there are quite a lot of conflicted folk about - More people think the N12 is not perfect than think its OK or Perfect, yet very limited change in the rules is supported. This probably comes from people wanting to protect their investment of a) money and b) knowhow. lots of people think that there is scope for 'budding designers' within the current rules... I think the door is a lot further closed than it was in 1970 for example. It seems like a golden age when two guys could discuss a hull design over a beer and model it in beer mats!

just my view from the sidelines! not sailed yet this year! no boat in the garage :-(


General National 12 chat / N3253
21 Jun 2007, 08:08
I've decided to change tack and sell 'mr blue sky' (previously known as  'seawitch')

Joel and I have had great fun lat year, and a refit was underway. My Dad has sanded, painted and fixed, but circumstances have ground the project to a halt.

I will put full details in an advert, and list on ebay.

We hope to see you at Ripon in a new Yot!


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