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brand new aardvark carbon boom for sail

Started by philipcosson, 24 Apr 2010, 02:40

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I am posting this here as I can't log into the ad section (it won't let me recover my password)
I'm selling my 75mm round white carbon boom to the highest bidder on ebay. The auction will go live from 6pm Sunday. I will be applying a £150 'buy it now' option, but this will disappear once the first bid is made. So if you really want it for that price, email me before 6pm Sunday.
It is brand new, never been rigged or on a boat. Mike makes these to order for £275 ( So it is a bargain at this price.
It is currently in Saltburn, North East England. It comes in a solid cardboard triangular box, so can be posted. However, it would be better collected or hand delivered by a fellow N12 sailor if possible. I can keep hold of it until this is arranged.
Ring me on 07817362823 or email philipj thefirstdot cosson at ntlworld theseconddot com

(I also have a large and a small drysuit. These are hardly used. They will be going on ebay as well at some time soon.)

Philip<br />ex N3367, ex N3253


Hi Phil
Is the boom still available?

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