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Broken rudder stock/tiller

Started by Duncan3330, 26 Apr 2010, 07:42

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I have a beautiful,if slightly rough around the edges Crusader '88 built by Gerry Ledger, problem is i broke the tiller off rudder stock at the weekend. Does anybody know what sort of price a new wooden stock would be to make? 

Tim Gatti

Can you post some pics so we can see what you need?  I take it, like Humpty Dumpty - it can't be put back together again?! Tim

gerry ledger

Hi Duncan give me a call ,number in class book, and we can discuss the problem  Gerry


Thanks for the response Tim,Gerry. The guilt kept me awake sunday night, that stock & tiller was probably made by your good self Gerry. The fact that it gave good service for all these years & then i went and broke it still makes me feel bad! But i've managed to make a new tiller using some alloy tubing,not as pretty as the original but at least i'll be on the water at the weekend still pleading forgiveness to Pipperoo!

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