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Check out the entry for the boat in the N12 database on this site - some early history there up to 2014
Hi Tim
Any chance you could post a NOR with times of briefing and 1st race start please
Boats / Re: N3283 New Tricks
19 Feb 2016, 10:32
The boat seems to be missing a thwart.
Didn't they fit one in all the Storrar and Bax Design 8's?
See N12 Boat database entries for N5 Mallard and N15 Teal (both Barnt Green One Designs that were given N12 Class status in the 1930's) for some background to the commissioning and building of Drake II.

Boats / Re: N3219 Plastic Baggs
17 Nov 2015, 12:07
I attach another photo showing the repair once I had completed the renovation of the interior several months later
Boats / Re: N3219 Plastic Baggs
16 Nov 2015, 11:58
Hi - personally, I would get rid of the foam and (providing the rest of the buoyancy tank is in good order) I would cut back the forward bulkhead to sound material and glue in a patch panel of 6mm marine ply or similar to seal up the hole.

Make sure it is well epoxy filleted.  You could pre-drill some drain holes in it prior to fitting if necessary.

You could make a more elaborate repair but is it worth it?

Given the price of a standard Crewsaver bow bag these days I think the ply patch approach would work out much cheaper for you.

I attach a pic of a similar repair the late Donald Acklam made some years ago to the forward bulkhead of a Pipedream that was in a similar condition.

He used a piece of Tufnol sheet that he had lying around instead of marine ply.

Good luck

Tim Gatti
If anyone is planning to attend with a 'ribby' (early ribbed clinker design) please post a response here.
There are separate prizes for the ribby fleet so we need to know if any are likely to be attending this year.
Just for a change,  I will be sailing a non-ribby and mixing it with the big-boys!
Hi John
I had hoped to be there with a vintage boat but have just landed a full-time job in Norfolk and so I'll be in the throes of packing up my life in't north, sellin' t'house and movin' 'art.
If Dave Peacock doesn't make it, please could you get a copy of the results so we can work out vintage fleet positions?
Thanks and enjoy
Hope it goes well and is blessed with fine weather
Any chance of a report and results please
(Apologies if already submitted but not yet posted)
Any chance of a report and results please
(Apologies if already submitted but not yet posted)
I can thoroughly recommend Tony Ainsworth.
See his website at
If he can fit you in he will - and very reasonable rates too
Hi Patrick - I'll be there with Gill Bilton and a boat! Arriving Sat AM.  Cheers  Tim
Burton SC confirmed for Inland Vintage Champs in 2015 on 27th and 28th June
Put the date in your diaries now
We would like to encourage more ribbed boats to sail at this event and, whilst you may not own one of these beautiful craft, I have a small 'collection' of seaworthy vessels with modern sails and rigging, available for one or both days, depending on your preference.  (see N341, N493, N711 and N1183 in the N12 Boat Database)
Give me a call if you are interested and book yourself a boat - we can discuss transport and insurance nearer the time.
It would be interesting to see some of our double-bottom fleet leaders doing battle in ribbies in 2015 - now there is no clash with Harwich YC Open what reason have you got not to be there?!  Just take it easy on the rig tension boys!
My number as always is 07944 300749
I look forward to hearing from you
NTOA Vintage Rep
Hi Russell
I have emailed you .pdf copies of the original 1936 plans and the table of offsets I created when I built N3541 in 2011/12.
Bear in mind that builders started to modify Uffa Fox's design almost as soon as it was published by Yachting World in 1936, so there is quite a lot of variation in the Uffa Kings that still survive from that era, particularly in the way the hulls are fitted out, but also in their hull shapes - particularly in the aft sections.
Good luck with your restoration of N166.  Look forward to seeing some photos and details posted on the N12 Boat Database as it progresses
Best wishes
Looking good Graham (and Zoe) - and a good mix of photos on the home page - even the odd vintage boat putting in an appearance. Well done.
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