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I will bring 3344 and crew for the training on Saturday and probably stay over for the Blast on Sunday.
Boats / Re: N3344 Ella
03 Feb 2011, 12:38
Now owned by Chris Flewitt to sail with daughter Ellen as replacement for 3300. Has been in the garage for some weeks having little niggles straightened out and rough edges tidied but is almost ready to take to the water for a pre season test run. She will definately be at Burton week and if we find time a couple of southern opens too.
I have recently purchaced an old Nigel Waller Final Chapter. During my refit works I discovered that the hollow carbon centreboard was full of water. Luckily it's nice clean fresh water and I've drained it through a drill hole and it's now drying out in a warm place. A basic pressure test as shown one possible spot of leaking is a cracked joint at the trailing edge. Any tips on the best way to seal this all up and keep it water free in the future? I'm sure someone out there has dealt with this problem before.
Thanks in anticipation.
Hi Jon, I have 3300 for sale and she is hampshire, just down the road from you. She is wood but in A1 condition with absoulutely no rot or cracks and perfect vanish and paint. Even the best looking prospective buys need work doing when you start looking closely, but this boat does not. Most importatntly she has the jib sheeting and sail controls rearranged for sailing with a small child. I started racing her with my 6 year old daughter and we have been the boat to beat at our club from day one in winds from 0 to 25 knts of breeze. Cheers Chris 07970 975173
Punkarella Pudding would be a great name though!
Wasn't Joe or Dare. I knocked on the drivers window to his suprise - probably thought I was a cycling mugger and asked him if he'd just bought the boat and if he knew Dare - he didn't. Apparently last sailed a 12 in the 70's.
General National 12 chat / punkarella
15 Nov 2010, 03:50
On my way to the isle of wight [on the ferry] for a bike ride I saw Punkarella on the roof of a car. Very distinctive and difficult to miss. Apparently the IOW will be her new home.
Boats / Re: N3300 Fire Fox
27 Sep 2010, 05:37
Boats / Re: N3300 Fire Fox
27 Sep 2010, 05:33
Boats / Re: N3300 Fire Fox
27 Sep 2010, 03:36
recent pics of Firefox at full chat in 25 knts  - Langstone harbour.
Trying to download a photo update 3300 data base. Who do I do this?
General National 12 chat / What paint
20 May 2010, 11:32
Some painting advise please. i have recently bought an IC to sail on days when my daughters not available for the 12. I've stripped it down filled, faired and epoxy primed. Now I want to paint it with something very bright. Any suggestions of a good paint for this as most yacht 2-packs are pretty dull colours - someone suggested acrilic! Anyone used acrilic or know anything about it. lastly, I can normally get a good finish with roller and laying off with a brush, but I might try spraying. Has anyone tried using a cheap airless spray like you can buy in Machine Mart? any tips as the painting process will be carried out in my garage.
Chris 3300
Just looked at Paul Gatti's smooth baggy in the latest boat database. I've thought of removing the keels from my crusader 2, but wonder if they are structural. It was built by Paul Turner from Petersfield in the 80's. Any pointers in this direction?
Chris 3300
I bought a crusader 2 a year ago that appeared to have no rot. However when i got her home and started stripping off fittings under the paint the hull was rotten around the bailers and it would only have been found beforehand by prodding hard with a screw driver which is not something most vendors would be happy about particularly if the wood was good.  As wooden boats frequently get rot around the bailers I made good with some carbon and epoxy so I've now got a rot proof patch of hull in that spot [both sides]. To do this I dried it out , cut out the rotten laminate from the inside down to the last layer which I left to keep the hull shape while laying up the carbon. I then flipped her over and cut away the manky outer laminate to expose the new carbon and then added some more to form the outer layer. A bit of filler and it faired in perfectly. A bodgers method probably, but easy and will never rot out again. Its all good now and combined with the glass tissue and epoxy wrap to the syacamore gunwales she is now pretty bullet proof. I sail with an 8 year old. She was 7 last year and we managed ok in some very breezy weather. Dead down wind we usually sit way apart with ellen sat on the side deck diametrically opposite to me. As the wind picks up we move further back and sit more opposite. In a howler we have sat on each side of the transom. I let the shroud off and pull the ram on if I can but when it gets more hairy we are more likely to to loose time and speed on a short leg pratting around with the mast, so it gets left alone.
Flew 3300
Robbins don't do Sycamore, but they put me on to a place in the Mendips called Interesting Timbers who were very helpful, had heard of N12's and have sorted me out out the exact sizes I need.
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