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Hi Pete,
I did think about something like the set up you have [your boat was parked up next to us at Brixham], but never got round to looking at it at the time. Will be very interested in your article as will many others I'm sure who are thinking about doing something similar.
Hi there,
We are thinking of constructing a T foil rudder onto Loki for winter experimentation. It may not work with the Big Issue to any significant degree, so I don't want to spend a fortune on it. However there have now been a fair number of retro fits onto non-specific T foil boats so the most effective system must be getting established. The back end is v strong already with a full length box bracing the transom. Ideally I want to have a single long pin with a slot in the top of the rudder stock type arrangement and a suitable adjusting system. Would anyone like to share their knowlege on this? I also thought of getting hold of a second hand T foil rudder from another development class like the I14 as they often advertise them and cutting it down to size. Any obvious pitfalls with this idea?  
Cheers  Chris 3493
I have a new set of HD sails and would like to get them nmeasured before Burton week. Any measurers I could bring them to up to 1.5 hrs drive from Portsmouth? Unfortunately not able to make Salcombe this w/e which would have probably worked.
Chris 3483
The one on the 16th feb that is.
We will be doing this as its close by.


Chris & Ellen Flewiit 3493
Will be there in our new/old Big Issue


Chris & Ellen 3493
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Does anyone know how this boat sails? It's a modified big issue that I'm thinking of buying. There are some photos of her on her side in the tuning guide and it looks a bit wacky.
Cheers for any feedback
Chris 3344
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I have a set of sails that need measuring before Burton Week. Can anyone point me at a measurer near the south coast [I'm near Portsmouth] or Devon or Cornwall [I'm down that way most weeks].
Thanks in anticipation
Chris 3344
Thanks. I guess that for a stiffer mast the sails  may be cut a bit flatter than for a softer one? As my crew is only 5 stone, a flatter sail may be better anyway.
I'm looking at good second hand sails to replace my old knackered ones. Will sails cut for say a superspars carbon mast work ok with an angel carbon mast? Any feedback appreciated.
Chris 3344
Brilliant films especially races 2 & 3. Best N12 films I've seen I think.
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