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Hi there,
We are thinking of constructing a T foil rudder onto Loki for winter experimentation. It may not work with the Big Issue to any significant degree, so I don't want to spend a fortune on it. However there have now been a fair number of retro fits onto non-specific T foil boats so the most effective system must be getting established. The back end is v strong already with a full length box bracing the transom. Ideally I want to have a single long pin with a slot in the top of the rudder stock type arrangement and a suitable adjusting system. Would anyone like to share their knowlege on this? I also thought of getting hold of a second hand T foil rudder from another development class like the I14 as they often advertise them and cutting it down to size. Any obvious pitfalls with this idea?  
Cheers  Chris 3493
I have a new set of HD sails and would like to get them nmeasured before Burton week. Any measurers I could bring them to up to 1.5 hrs drive from Portsmouth? Unfortunately not able to make Salcombe this w/e which would have probably worked.
Chris 3483
Does anyone know how this boat sails? It's a modified big issue that I'm thinking of buying. There are some photos of her on her side in the tuning guide and it looks a bit wacky.
Cheers for any feedback
Chris 3344
I have a set of sails that need measuring before Burton Week. Can anyone point me at a measurer near the south coast [I'm near Portsmouth] or Devon or Cornwall [I'm down that way most weeks].
Thanks in anticipation
Chris 3344
I'm looking at good second hand sails to replace my old knackered ones. Will sails cut for say a superspars carbon mast work ok with an angel carbon mast? Any feedback appreciated.
Chris 3344
I have recently purchaced an old Nigel Waller Final Chapter. During my refit works I discovered that the hollow carbon centreboard was full of water. Luckily it's nice clean fresh water and I've drained it through a drill hole and it's now drying out in a warm place. A basic pressure test as shown one possible spot of leaking is a cracked joint at the trailing edge. Any tips on the best way to seal this all up and keep it water free in the future? I'm sure someone out there has dealt with this problem before.
Thanks in anticipation.
General National 12 chat / punkarella
15 Nov 2010, 03:50
On my way to the isle of wight [on the ferry] for a bike ride I saw Punkarella on the roof of a car. Very distinctive and difficult to miss. Apparently the IOW will be her new home.
Trying to download a photo update 3300 data base. Who do I do this?
General National 12 chat / What paint
20 May 2010, 11:32
Some painting advise please. i have recently bought an IC to sail on days when my daughters not available for the 12. I've stripped it down filled, faired and epoxy primed. Now I want to paint it with something very bright. Any suggestions of a good paint for this as most yacht 2-packs are pretty dull colours - someone suggested acrilic! Anyone used acrilic or know anything about it. lastly, I can normally get a good finish with roller and laying off with a brush, but I might try spraying. Has anyone tried using a cheap airless spray like you can buy in Machine Mart? any tips as the painting process will be carried out in my garage.
Chris 3300
Just looked at Paul Gatti's smooth baggy in the latest boat database. I've thought of removing the keels from my crusader 2, but wonder if they are structural. It was built by Paul Turner from Petersfield in the 80's. Any pointers in this direction?
Chris 3300
I need to replace some sections of rotten sycamore gunwale. Can anyone point me in the righjt direction of a syscamore supplier?
Thanks in anticipation.   
I have a crusader 2 with a sycamore [I think] gunwale that has seen better days. I tackled the worst last year and replaced 2 short rotten sections and she started the season looking great but now one or two other little bits are not looking so good and there is a spot of rot setting in there. It seems the edges gets worn by the cover and hiking backsides rubbing off of the varnish, then the wood soaks up water like a sponge. She will go into the garage after the boxing day race for some TLC [again].
My options seem to be:

  • keep replacing bits
  • replace the whole thing [how easy or difficult would that be]
  • Replace the rotten bits and cover the whole gunwale in a strip of glass or carbon tape for hard wearing surface.
The varnish and wood elsewhere is good but the gunwale always seems a weak spot in the system. Any suggestions?
Cheers Chris
I have recently purchaced a crusader 2 to club race with my 7 year old daughter. Luckily she is fearless, so we sail whatever the wind. Not carrying a lot of weight between us [about 15 stone] we struggle a bit upwind in 20 Knts plus. In these conditions we set the boat up thus: mast raked back, jib leads back, mast ram off, kicker on full, cunnignham on full and feather our way through the gusts to survive and limit our loss untill we can fly off down wind again and do some catching up. This works quite well but the top batten spends half the time inverted which may be slow and certainly doesnt look good. what can we do to rectify this?
Cheers in anticipation
Hi, I have recently swapped rs600 with a Crusader 2 to sail with my young daughter. Love the boat and we are finding are way around the rig controls but am at a loss as to how we use the jib barber haulers. They are lead though bulls eyes in the foredeck so seem to be there to pull the leach tight rather than pull the sheeting angle inboard. When do I use them? PS. The recent thread on re-jigging the jib sheet controls to make them child friendly was great and has solved a problem we have had tacking and mark rounding therby saving several seconds per tack. :)
Thanks in anticipation of help.
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