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Radical Edward

Started by Flew, 08 Jun 2012, 10:42

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Does anyone know how this boat sails? It's a modified big issue that I'm thinking of buying. There are some photos of her on her side in the tuning guide and it looks a bit wacky.
Cheers for any feedback
Chris 3344

Jeremy C

Give mike Cooke a call, he built it and sailed it. number in the associate members section of the handbook
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Tim Gatti

Hi Chris
Would also suggest you contact Howard Chadwick who owned her at a later stage once her canting rig had been modified to the more standard set-up she has today.
His details are also in the N12 Yearbook.
(He's on his way back from Hayling Island this weekend so may respond to you direct once he's back online)

Nick Copsey

below the water line i belive it is a standard big issue, it just looks a bit odd because the bow was narrowed above the waterline, this was to stop the boat slowing down so much in waves

Mr Radical (Guest)

3rd in the Burton Cup in 05. Goes fine!


Bit whacky perhaps and whilst I never really got her going it may have been more to do with our 23 stone crew weight.  Nice boat to sail and my first and only DB which I found to be a nice starter in that I had as much headroom (or more) as in my D8 and definately more comfortable for my aged body and aching knees than most DB's.  In my case I can get my D8 to go as well or better so have gone back to that and my vintage Starfish.  Give me a call if you want more input as we are now back from Hayling Island then number is in the book.  Howard C aka Chadders





Having sailed against Big Issues a lot over the last few years, I'd say that more than most modern designs, they are weight sensitive.  Mike and Alex Storey go really well in theirs and I don't think Mike Cooke had much weight onboard when he was competing actively.  Similarly, Tim Laws made N3497 go well with a relatively light crew.  Others - all good sailors - have had less joy compared to their performance in other designs.  So, I'd say watch out if you're over 20 stone all-up.
Mike D

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