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Started by Flew, 15 Nov 2010, 03:50

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On my way to the isle of wight [on the ferry] for a bike ride I saw Punkarella on the roof of a car. Very distinctive and difficult to miss. Apparently the IOW will be her new home.


Well, that probably limits it to one of two new owners.  We'll wait for a name change to see which - either 'Dead Cat Punkarella' or 'Punkarella Pudding'?
Mike D


Wasn't Joe or Dare. I knocked on the drivers window to his suprise - probably thought I was a cycling mugger and asked him if he'd just bought the boat and if he knew Dare - he didn't. Apparently last sailed a 12 in the 70's.


Punkarella Pudding would be a great name though!


My contact suggested it was bought as a birthday present for a well know 12 sailor, but may be he had it wrong (or they weren't quick enough).


Well it is not in my back garden, have to send out the spies.


It's been bought as a Christmas present !  Groundhog Day for Punkarella!


Okay, so my spy didn't have it completely wrong (just the wrong occasion). Hope this thread hasn't spoilt the surprise, if there was supposed to be one.

Antony (Guest)

I don't think that having helped his wife get it on the car and drive home it was ever going to be much of a surprise anyway! 

Pip (Guest)

Someone told me that the new owner is going to fit a centreboard and will be changing the name. I guess everyone starts to conform in the end...


Don't change the name.  I have Cheshire Cat, Punkarellas' rival of old, and think the class would disown me if I changed Cheshires' name - both are notable pieces of N12 history.  As for fitting a centreboard - the daggerboard was what made Punkarella unique, why change it?

Graham Bailey

Don't panic Cheshire Cat.  Punkarella will live on in her original form.  ps my little brother hasn't changed either

Arthur (Guest)

So Graham is the mystery owner?
If so, I guess Pip is a bit to heavy now, so I hope Graham can find a very small new crew!


Clearly an opportunity to add some more pictures of her to the boat database.

Burton Brick

In the meantime, here's an old picture of her. This was taken in June '82 at Northampton....

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