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General National 12 chat / Re: Fixtures
05 Mar 2006, 05:47
Personally, I am very excited about having a Gill Series event at Trent Valley. It may not be a big bit of water but surely that makes it all a bit more interesting and makes the series more fair - those with boats suited to the river do not necessarily do so well on open water. I think it will be a fun affair and something a bit different. You will not find a more welcoming club than TVSC either.

Don't forget...variety is the spice of life and we all like a bit of spice every now and again!

Emma  :)
The Midlands Area Dinner was held on Saturday night at Trent Valley, and it was great! The food, as always, was brilliant and Richard had done a fantastic job of getting lots of people there to make sure the evening was thoroughly enjoyable.

Much fun was had by all, so thanks to all those who helped organise it.
General National 12 chat / Re: Socials
19 Oct 2005, 05:07

I think you will find that if the 'young people' you talk about wanted to get involved more in the class that their input is more than welcome already. It is not for the class association to go out actively seeking people to get involved in the running of events but for members of the class to have an idea and put that idea forward. I know that Chris Bishop and Nathan Harding are starting to get involved in the social side of things - why don't you join them?

I also agree that an end of year bash would be really great - a way to catch up with people in the middle of the cold-water season! While the area dinners are certainly enjoyable I think it would be excellent to have one central party for those of us who dont feel particularly affiliated to one particular area.

That's all for now...

Me again!!

I have been in contact with Mike Rice of fotoboat and he is interested in putting together a 70th anniversary special edition calendar, with photos of boats past and present. He has asked me to gauge general opinion about this....

Do people like the idea? Fotoboat have certainly taken some great shots in the past couple of years, so it could be very good.

Post replies on here if you think you would be interested...

(sorry to be such a thread hog!!)
If fotoboat gets enough requests, they will put together a class calendar too! again, check out
If you want to see a great pic of Chris Bishop and Pip Jefferis in the 2006 Fotoboat calendar, make sure you go and vote for it at

Even if Chris' face is not to your liking (!) it would be great to get a 12 photo in the calendar this year, so go and vote lots!

No longer the crew of Radical Edward   :o
General National 12 chat / Starcross
20 Aug 2005, 09:07
It may be a little way off yet but I thought it was about time we started getting excited about the penultimate event in this year's Gill Series!

Last year's open proved that Starcross really is a lovely club, with on-site camping, beautiful surroundings and the best breakfast on the 12 circuit!

Mike and I intend to be there in Radical Edward...anyone going to join us?

It was lots of fun, so thanks all!

Metal goosenecks all the way next year!!

Crew N3489
Unfortunately Mike, Edward and I can't make it this weekend...hope the rest of you have a great time on the sea!
Noone mentioned the fact that the sails wouldnt flap when rigging...I'm all in!!  ;)
It wouldn't kill the class to allow a dispensation to try it...then we really would know what the pros and cons would be instead of merely speculating.

I still don't understand why some venues are better suited than others...please, someone, explain

Antony, I am not doubting your argument in any way, but as I am not as technically minded as some please could you explain why a rotating rig would be unsuitable at Salcombe? I understand the benefits now, but would like to understand the downside...


PS...wish I hadn't spent the whole weekend at my computer but unfortunately the typical student lifestyle is put into question at this time of year!  :-/
take place next weekend, the 7th and 8th of May. Would be great to get lots of people there to enjoy some river sailing and cake! Nottingham saturday, Trent Valley sunday.

There will be a super yummy dinner at Trent Valley SC on the Saturday night and camping and a couple of bunkrooms are available as well.

All in all should be a fantastic weekend...

( must be a bit special - it's river sailing yet Mike goes back year after year!!)  ;)
For those of us who don't know about these things, could someone explain how a rotating rig would be more efficiant?

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