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Fotoboat Calendar 2006

Started by EmmaW, 11 Oct 2005, 03:56

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If you want to see a great pic of Chris Bishop and Pip Jefferis in the 2006 Fotoboat calendar, make sure you go and vote for it at

Even if Chris' face is not to your liking (!) it would be great to get a 12 photo in the calendar this year, so go and vote lots!

No longer the crew of Radical Edward   :o
Emma  (dance)


If fotoboat gets enough requests, they will put together a class calendar too! again, check out
Emma  (dance)


Me again!!

I have been in contact with Mike Rice of fotoboat and he is interested in putting together a 70th anniversary special edition calendar, with photos of boats past and present. He has asked me to gauge general opinion about this....

Do people like the idea? Fotoboat have certainly taken some great shots in the past couple of years, so it could be very good.

Post replies on here if you think you would be interested...

(sorry to be such a thread hog!!)
Emma  (dance)


Sounds like a cool idea - it would also be great to have a record / database of ALL boats in class - some history to where they sailed who owned them, racing record and a picture or two - would be awesome!!

Then anyone could go into the records somehow and look up boats / names or places or owners etc.

The calendar is a simple quick approach but would we need to vote on content?



Eileen Ramsay took some super photos in the 40s, 50s and 60s but I cant find out who now owns her archives. I think J Allan Cash had them but that company closed a few years ago.



Wow, a thank you to the 106 people who have already voted, but we're still only rated as an average of I think we all need to click the little circle two along to the right of 8 (that's a 10)  :P
The calender is definately a great idea...especially if they can print national 12 events on it, like they do with specific holidays on normal calenders.


Ive just done so pip.
If you do get in the 2006 general calendar do you think we could sneak in the gill series dates in next to the photo anyway?  

Adele  :P

I know its got nothing to do with this thread but Emma by saying youre no longer the crew of Edward does this mean you succeeded in selling Edward to the guy at grafham?  :)

Mikey C

The 'Guy' was Howard Chadwick, and yes...
Carbon Toys for fast girls and boys!



 Congratulations!  :D  When do you start work on the new boat, with the amazing jaffa cake dispenser?!

n12 vote rigger (Guest)

THe voting is in the last phase and if we want to see a N12 represented in a calender then c'mon everybody show some support and give it a 10.

The N12 is only just making it in the voting at the vote from as many machines as possible to up the vote number and the avereage score!


You heard the man/woman (?) VOTE TEN and tell EVERYONE even if they've never heard of a national twelve (like my ICT class) and get them to vote!!

observer (Guest)

you should be voting on the quality of the picture, not who's in it. I'd say the photo isn't that special.

N12 vote rigger (Guest)

oh get off your holier than thou perch!

Do you think any of the other classes are being as 'honest' in their voting as you... ummm......lets see... the two top ranked photos are the Laser 4000s - not exactly riveting photos, couple of boats going round a mark and one capsised. Yeah - great quality and artistic merit there!

As far as the selection goes I think the N12 pics is one of the 12 best (not the best granted, but certainly in the top 12) .... but that wasn't my point.

Somewhere else in this forum there are lengthy discussions about making the class more visible, encouraging more people to sail 12s etc etc.... Having a N12 in a dinghy calender is one way to gain visibility, and a good photo to boot isn't going to harm our cause any.

nuff said.

N12 vote rigger (Guest)

oh and another thing ... it's not whos in it that is the reason for voting (though nice chap that he is - apart from the dodgy facial hair - no offence Chris)


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