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Brilliant event - had a brilliant time and Notts county still has a 100% record for ace 12 conditions! Thanks to all involved in the organisation, let's hope you do it again next year...
You had better be kidding, I don't remember handing in my notice....
is this weekend and it has a 100% record for porviding perfect 12 open meeting conditions! Having checked the forecast it would seem this year will be no exception as it should be blowing a force 4 pretty much all weekend.

Not only will there be a good wind and friendly faces, Notts county is renowned for its great bacon no excuses please...this promises to be a brilliant event!

Hope to see you all there...

Come on folks!
Not enough people getting excited about his one yet...!

There must be more people out there who are just itching to get to the first Gill event of the year  :D
Well Jimmy, why don't you try a little harder to get it right when putting messages on here?! Go on, give it a would make our lives a whole lot easier!
Congratulations! Excellent news!!

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