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Started by EmmaW, 20 Aug 2005, 09:07

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It may be a little way off yet but I thought it was about time we started getting excited about the penultimate event in this year's Gill Series!

Last year's open proved that Starcross really is a lovely club, with on-site camping, beautiful surroundings and the best breakfast on the 12 circuit!

Mike and I intend to be there in Radical Edward...anyone going to join us?

Emma  (dance)

Mikey C

Well, I am getting excited, even if it seems no one else is yet... I think Grazz has already won the Gill series this year, but the rest is still all to play for!

Especially breakfast.
Carbon Toys for fast girls and boys!


Graham Iles

I'm excited about it - It's such a great place I'm thinking about sailing there.

David w (Guest)

Excitement a plenty in the Wilkins household!

Brilliant location and a very welcoming club  - missed the breakfast last year though!

See lots of you there.




We'll be there, but have to fit in a wedding Saturday afternoon so hope racing finishes on time (otherwise we'll be changing in the car on the motorway again). No general recalls please!(naughty)

Are there beer plans for Friday night? Will the cake be as good as last year?



I have a wedding that weekend too I'm afraid but as it is in Suffolk I don't event think motoway changing will help me!

Sorry Tim, heard it was a fantastic event last year and would really like to have made it.  

Hope you get loads of entries but as you have the largest club fleet I am sure it will be a brilliant event at a very pretty venue (with cake!)


Tim L (Guest)

Yes, Starcross will again have cakes, breakfasts, great winds and beautiful scenery...

And there'll even be an extra race over last year (3 on saturday, 2 on sunday)!

First start will be 10.30 on the saturday, and for those turning up on Friday a trip to the Turf (if sunny) or Anchor (if raining) will again be in prospect.

A table football tournament should test everyones hand-eye coordination after a few beers on saturday night...

Any questions or directions drop me a line,


Tim Laws
N3497 Shiny Disco Balls

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Doubt i'll be able to sail, but can I be cheeky and just turn up for the social?! ;D
Hope to see you all at grafham anyway!
 Adele ::)
 (3458 crew, burton wk)

Mikey C

The more the merrier Adele!
Carbon Toys for fast girls and boys!



Jolly good, hope to see lots of you there.(tongue)

lucy horsley

Hope to be there now we are living just down the road, though I think I need to find a boat to sail in as Dad is opting for the lightweight crew!
If anybody needs a crew just leave a message on here for me as number in the book is now out of date!
See you all there

Bob Murrell (Guest)

There is a chance that Maggie and I might be able to make it for Sunday only (I work on Saturdays!).
Can we enter for just the one day and, if so, could you let me know the likely start time on Sunday morning; I assume about 11?
Hope to see you there

Bob Murrell (Guest)

OK, found it on the Starcross website - 11 am.
Hope to see you there.


Table football competition - sounds brilliant - I here that Fran and Antony are demon players. They won the mini tournament at the Dinghy Show this year, is there anyone out there who can beat the dynamic duo?

Antony (Guest)


1..We lost in the final to the editor of Y&, Mark Jardine.  He was so good that he played on his own so that he was not held back by his team mate!
2.  Sadly neither of us are going to make it.  James wants to go to a party in London so we cannot make it.  Frances is, I think, at the 707 nationals trying to be on the winning boat for the 2nd year in a row..  although she has switched boats......does that make sense.

Have a great time everybody.  I will one day make it to Starcross, I have very happy memories of team-racing there against Exeter, until the tide went out and only the home team could sail the boats with the foils up.


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