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I will probably be wanting space for a small tent, not big enough to swing a cat.    My reasons are similar to Fuzzy Duck's, though I don't live just up the road.
N 3475
Correction.   The Auto Release Rudder Cleat is on Page 89 of the P&B Catalogue: price £10.34.   I need to wear specs to read.
I find a short tiller with a I.200 long extension allows me to get far rorward in light weather.
I have found that a rope down-haul on the rudder works well, and the type of clamcleat (to which Luke refers above), normally releases the down-haul if the rudder blade grounds.   My rudder is a very tight fit in the stock, so it does not release when grounding at low speeds.   So far, only very minor abrasion has occurred to the blade tip.    I can't find a model number or an illustration of the releasing clamcleat in catalogues, so perhaps they are no longer available.
John, N3475
My correct e-mail address is   I included my second initial in a senior moment, or was it just post Scottish Champs fatigue?
I could probably collect my boat at the end of Burton "Week", or shortly thereafter, coming all the way to Thorpe Bay if necessary.
Antony, N3475, ( Winder Feeling Foolish), could be available, but being based in SW Scotland there are logistical problems.   I might arrange to deliver the boat part of the way a few days before BW, e.g. as far as Northampton to pick up new sails from P&B if they are ready in time.   For more info phone me on 01576 470282, or e-mail  
Thanks Ken and Angus.   For helping me win an award without sailing my own boat.   Look out for me when I have read the Ladybird Book of Sailing.
It was great to get an excellent turn-out.   I hope you will all be back with increased numbers next year.   Annandale really likes to host N12 events, and Andrew G was very complementary, and said what a pleasure it was to run the event for such a well behaved fleet.  
Thanks for answering the lunch question, Kenny.   I was pressed for time, as I had an appointment with the saw-bones in Glasgow this morning.
Met Office forecast for Lockerbie on Saturday predicts sunny periods, 17C, and more importantly for those of you that like that sort of thing, 14mph southerly breeze.   Brian Herring and I would like a bit less[face=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]. [/face]
Who was Jenny Lee?   Probably not the wife of Eneurin Bevan, but it's a nice thught.
Who was Jenny Lee?   Probably not the wife of Eneurin Bevan, but it's a nice thught.
I hope this doesn't mean you've abandondonned the Mirror.   Miis Clark should be allowed to enjoy her childhood.
Howay Chris, divn't take any notice aboot the fishin, its just to keep the geordies under control.   Looking forward to seeing you at the week-end.
John N3475
We are now expecting at least ten boats for the Scottish Champs, including two ASC twelves.
Thanks Kenny, you've done my job again.   Pity you're going to be too busy to rig to rig my boat, which Dave winder says now looks as good as new.   Unfortunately, there's still the old problem of the nut on the end of the tiller.
Let's hope the catering will be up to last years standard.   I'd better make sure Angus gets his vegetarian option.
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