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Looking forward to seeing you Ed .    There will be at least one resrve  crew if needed.
John Hugo
I don't know if it is the age of the young sailors that pleases Ellie, but I expect an optimist sailor to be crewing for Chadders.    I wonder if Brian Herring is coming, or will I be the oldest of the geriatrics?
 ASC members are busy preparing and looking forward to the week-end.    The local forecasts are for 9 or 10mph breezes and 18mph gusts on Saturday and Sunday, but current weather patterns make this rather uncertain.
John Hugo,  N3475
Thanks Angus for passing on the NOR, and camping advice.   In past years it has been possible to pitch  small tents between the boats, but this year we expect a few more visiting GP14s and I hope more N12s, and it will be a very tight squeeze.   I have no direct experience of the camp sites, but I had a favourable report of Haleaths earlier this year.    The boat park and clubhouse will be open from Friday afternoon onwards.    ASC is looking forward to entertaining the National Twelves again.  
John Hugo,  N3475
I  intend to be at the show on both days, and could fill  slot(s) if needed.
John Hugo
Yes Howard, it looked decidedly hairy from the committee boat, and yes Kenny, I am told lots of photos were taken, and I gather some were being sent to Ian and also posted on the Solway web site.   Pity you couldn't make it.   It was well worth watching if you could get close enough to the action, and the social side was the best yet at Solway.
Steve Sallis won three out of three races and the Scottish Championship.    Race 4 was canceled, which was wise under the conditions on Sunday.    The forecast was F5 to F6 gusting up to F8, and in reality probably not much less.    In the last race Steve fouled the inner distance mark,seconds before the start.   Was it the rudder wing that caught the anchor warp?   The necessary 360 had to take place in a particularly wild gust, not the best moment for a gybe, which gave the fleet a minute's start on the favourite.    Steve steadilly reeled in the fleet, and got his nose in front , right on the finish line. to pip Neal Piper for first place.    A notable effort by Neal who was having his first sail in a (borrowed), twelve since he sold Cosmic Cowboy in 1993.
This is not an authorised report, merely observations from the committee boat where i was hiding, not having the courage to sail my "Foolish".
John Hugo
Boats / Re: N3146 Cosmic Cowboy
26 Aug 2010, 01:11
Cosmic Cowboy was owned and sailed succesfully by Neal Piper, based at Tynemouth, in the early nineties, (and possibly late eighties).   She was later owned by Peter roe at Derwent Reservoir SC.
Hello Alex, Its good to hear of another N12 in Scoland.   I know  you are busy at present, and short of your own trailer, but we'd be delighted to see you with or without a boat at Annandale this week-end.   (It takes us about an hour and a half to reach the centre of Edinburgh by car from here.)   You would be very welcome at the Saturday evening supper, though I wouldn't recommend driving back past the Devil's Beeftub after enjoying too much of ASC's hospitality.   If this isn't possible, we will look forward to seeing you at a future event.    Ed Willett, if you read this, the welcome applies equally to you.        
Ok Duncan, I have arranged crews for you and Angus for both days, (as well as for Bernard).   I will email more details very shortly.
Angus, I am still hoping we will get at least ten boats if most of those who have expressed the intention do turn up, but perhaps you have more up to date information. 
I have emailed Andrew Greenhagh asking what is the theme for the Saturday night supper, and offered to cook a vegetarian dish specially for you.   My well-stocked cellar my well contribute to the proceedings.
I have lined up a couple of crews for helms who may need them, and could find more if required.   (Unfortunately, several of our more competent young sailors will be unavailable due to squad duties and open meetings in England).    It would be helpful to know whether you and other helms still definitely need crews so I can confirm arrangement.
I will be there on Saturday and Sunday, of course, but after last year's event I don't know how many races I will actually finish.
N2546 is something of a curiosity, certainly not a classic twelve.   Rather heavily built, and might provide somebody with some fun, but I would not recommend as a renovation project.   Many years ago, I did a repair on the boat because I felt sorry for the then owner.
Angus is right .   Both correct and incorrect dates are on the calendar with the pictures.   The purple fixture list is correct of course.
Thanks Angus for clarifying the Annandale dates.   More nformation and NOR are expected shortly.
John Hugo
Marcus, It would be great to see you and your shroud set-up at the Annandale N12 Open Meeting on 17 & 18 April.   There should be at least one class measurer competing, though probably not enough time to measure your boat.   (You could try contacting Brian Herring.)   
I am really most impressed by your boat.
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