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As Luke is OOD, I hope he will confirm Saturday start time.   ASC usually start the first race after noon, to allow more time for travellers.  
Greg, I hope we will be seeing you again at Annandale, in a Twelve this time.   ASC race management are not normally too strict about measurement. but I am expecting Brian Herring to be there, and I am sure he will oblige.
I aim to provide some more B&B addresses in the next couple of days, and I will check out the possibilities of camping at the Club.
Un Poco Loco N3475
Thanks for mentioning my name, Bernard, but mine was a very small contribution to the success of the Scottish Championships.   Team Roly Mo played a major part in setting up and publicising the event. I must also pay tribute to the Annandale S.C. members who always give an enthusiastic welcome to the N12s, and in particular to Sailing Secretary, Andrew Greenhalgh who did an amazing amount of work in the organisation, (including the catering), and in acting as an excellent PRO for the event.  Well sailed Roly Mo.
John Hugo   N3475    
Annandale SC is looking forward to hosting the N12 Scottish Championships on the Castle Loch at Lochmaben.
Briefing will be between 11.30 and 11.45 on Saturday, with the first warning signals at 12.30 on Saturday and 10.30 on Sunday.   There will be three races scheduled for each day.    Food will be available before the first race on Saturday.  On Saturday there will be an "Italian Evening" with mainly pasta menu.  (Including a vegetarian option Angus, but no room for eightsome reels I'm afraid.) This and the Sunday lunch are included in the entry fee.
For accomodation phone 0845 22 55 121 or try
Boats / Re: N3475 Un Poco Loco
02 Feb 2007, 03:28
N3475; Feeling Foolish design by Bim Daser; Built by Winder,supplied by P & B to John Hugo.   Currently being sailed at Annandale S.C., in south west Scotland, and in Scottish and Northern N12 open meetings.
Boats / Re: N3208 Mongrel
02 Feb 2007, 03:08
N 3208 was built by Rowsell Bros.   Patrick Elcombe may not have been the first owner.   He describes modifications he made in the Tuning Guide.   I believe Anthony sold her to Julian Hood who sold her to me in late 1995.    I sailed her on the Tyne and in Scotland before buying N 3475.   Since then, she has been sailed by friends in Scottish N 12 opens,Etc.   Lack of time and storage have left her varnish and gunwales in a poor state, but I have just sold her to Angus Beyts, who is taking her to Fife, to give her a new lease of life.      
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