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The 2015 GUL series kicks off in just three weeks time at Burghfield sailing club with a new and exciting format-sprint racing.
This year we are planning on getting as many short course races in as possible over the day, a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the season as you get to practice your starts! Not only that,it keeps the fleet together and makes for some exciting racing on the short course. As has become customary at Burghfield in recent years we'll be providing cakes etc after racing  to re-charge the batteries

As ever, Burghfield offers a pre entry system to enable more effective management of the event which also has the benefit of a reduced entry. £16 with pre entry and £21 on the day, so pre entry is well worth it. You don't need to pay up front so if you enter and can't make it for any reason you don't lose out.

Please get you entries in early by using the link below which also gives you more detail about the event which is being run in conjunction with the OK's so should be a busy day on the water.

GUL series 1 info and entry
Apologies for being a little late posting... been hibernating!
Ranelagh winter open takes place on sunday 1st feb with a start at 11.15 followed by lunch.
If you are planning on attending please post on this thread as soon as you can as we need to put together an idea of numbers for the catering.
Hope to see you there,
The GUL Series kicks off in a couple of weeks at Burghfield Sailing Club with a one day event. Three races from 11am (one before lunch and two back to back in the afternoon).

As usual we are running a pre entry system to enable us to plan for numbers and also to ensure you get the best deal ( per-entry has a £2 saving on the £18 on the day entry). One pound of each entry goes toward the Gul Series prizes.

As with last year, our very generous sponsors, GUL, are offering an end of season prize of timue at a rather nice hotel in Cornwall. Each entry to  GUL event will put your name into the hat so Burghfield is the perfect place to start your run to this fantastic prize!,
To pre enter and for info about the event  please follow the links below which will be live shortly:
Looking forward to the dinghy show next weekend, we plan to have two boats on the stand which show the breadth of choice in the 12 fleet. If you are planning on coming to the show and can spare an hour or so, we would really appreciate your help on the stand to spread the word about the wonders of sailing a 12!
Either post here or email me directly if you can help out so that we can sort out a rough timetable of who might be available on each day.
Many thanks,
Jeremy Carey ([][/mail])
Considering doing the datchet flyer over next weekend 14/15 Dec. See that Nick Copsey is already entered and wandered if anyone else was planning on bring their 12 along?

Sat- 3x lap timed handicap races from 11am
Sun- 1x 100min non-discardable double points pursuit.

After the postponement of the burghfield GUL event at the beginning of the season due to snow, the new date has been finalised. Sorry for the delay in getting in the announcement it went through various possibilites beforeI it could be finalised due to restrictions on the burghfield calendar.
 So without further ado, the new date is Sunday 13th October. 3 races from 11am, with two to count. Two races will have their own start ahead of club fleets during normal Sunday racing (11am & 1.30pm) third race will be held after the end of club racing Approx 2.30-3pm.
Prizes for main and AC fleets. 
If you can make it please post here so we have an idea of numbers.
Jeremy &George
Jeremy (at)
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