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Ranelagh winter Open 1st Feb

Started by Trick Cyclist, 20 Mar 2015, 11:33

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Trick Cyclist

Apologies for being a little late posting... been hibernating!
Ranelagh winter open takes place on sunday 1st feb with a start at 11.15 followed by lunch.
If you are planning on attending please post on this thread as soon as you can as we need to put together an idea of numbers for the catering.
Hope to see you there,


I am planing to be there


We'll be there with Very Hungry Caterpillar. Lunch for 5 please, 2 mini-veggies, 2 big veggies and 1 carnivorous granny.

Tom Stewart (Guest)

4 Stewarts 2 of them Junior. Roberts first sail of the year.


4 Lillywhiites in 2 juniors.  No boat unfortunately though.
3271 & 3501

John & Mandy (Guest)

4 for lunch please, 2 big and 2 small - if you can call our children that !
Looking forward to it, 
John, Mandy, Rebecca & Bryony

Mike Storey

Not going to make it. Got to take Alex to Tough Guy in Wolverhampton to run for miles through mud, fire, ice and electricity. Forecast looks "interesting".

Trick Cyclist

A big thank you to Ranelagh for trying to put on the open today, it was a little windy and gusty to say the least which meant that we failed to get a race in due to the conditions, boats popping off their trolleys etc on the shore. To those who got on the water, well done and hopefully the video link below with give you a brief memory of the event!
Great lunch with fantastic people though!
Ranelagh Open 2015

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