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GUL series 2014 kicks off at Burghfield-22 March

Started by Trick Cyclist, 06 Mar 2014, 09:22

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Trick Cyclist

The GUL Series kicks off in a couple of weeks at Burghfield Sailing Club with a one day event. Three races from 11am (one before lunch and two back to back in the afternoon).

As usual we are running a pre entry system to enable us to plan for numbers and also to ensure you get the best deal ( per-entry has a £2 saving on the £18 on the day entry). One pound of each entry goes toward the Gul Series prizes.

As with last year, our very generous sponsors, GUL, are offering an end of season prize of timue at a rather nice hotel in Cornwall. Each entry to  GUL event will put your name into the hat so Burghfield is the perfect place to start your run to this fantastic prize!,
To pre enter and for info about the event  please follow the links below which will be live shortly:

Jeremy C

Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)


Planning to come.  Any chance to get sails measured and mast bands checked before (preferably) or after this event?  Jeremy N3474.

tom lee

Yellow submarine will be there
please pre-register to help plan the catering !! you also save £2 on the entry fee by pre-registering
there will be prizzes for foilers, 1st non-foiling and first AC
Tom<br />N3545

Trick Cyclist

If anyone would like to borrow a db there might be either a numinous or foolish available at the club.

Amelia (Guest)

Can anyone recommend a local babysitter or know someone that might be interested for the Saturday please - we are happy to pay.  We have 6 and 4 year old boys. 


Don't know any local babysitters, but Frances can do it, so long as the 6 and 4 don't make 10 one year olds


Hi Jeremy
If there's a boat and someone to sail it with available I will be there. By chance me and Mrs Hamilton are going to a friends party at the Donnington Valley hotel on Saturday night and I am sure she will be very pleased if we can combine a little sailing into our weekend away.
Patrick Hamilton
Carbonara 3502

Trick Cyclist

Patrick, both boats above now spoken for but I'll ask around and see what other options there might be and let you know.


If anyone needs an old useless helm, I am available


Sadly I am not going to be able to make it, next year! Also sadly this probably means another year will go by with out me qualifying in the Gull series but never mind for some strange reason a weekend in a cornish hotel is not high on my reasons for wanting to attend a Gull meet.......Look at another hot topic of the moment 15 hours driving for a one day event for a hope of qualifying could this have anything to do with why there is not a DCB north of Lincoln.:-/
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411

Jeremy C

Superb day for the first of the 2014 GUL series, sun, ever increasing wind, great turn out of boats across all fleets and big smiles all round whilst eating tea at the end of the day! Thanks to all who made the effort to get there, from some serious distances in some cases, brilliant stat to the season, report will be on the site soon but in the meantime thanks to for the great pic below.

Is that an AC leading a DB and a DCB, why I believe it is! Some very good racing was had!
Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)

Jeremy C

Gallery of images by Ellie Sharps (nee Martin) from on Board the committee boat, feel from to download, Thanks Ellie!
N12 BSC GUL Open images
Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)


Great day, great fun. Enjoying it more today than at the time. A few aches but no bruises. 
Apologies to Graham for not being fit enough, light enough, young enough or good enough, but it shows that if you keep turning up someone will ask you to crew.  
I will now go on a diet and get fit in case I get another chance
Or maybe I'll just sit here and have another glass of wine  
Thanks to all at Burghfield for a super event and to Gul for sponsoring (unfortunately there was no prize for heaviest crew - a mistake I feel).

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