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I'm afraid we can't make it this year with flying saucer as l have to work on the sunday. Hope you have a great time.
Images mainly from sunday afternoon when the wind got up a bit:
Accommodation booked and looking forward to it!
Check your email, l have explained your problem!:)
Photos l took of the day are available on the link below. Feel free to download as you wish, sorry they're not as good as Alex from Sportography!
12 boats entered as of just now, but definitely somes names yet on the list.
Pre entry for the event will close on thursday evening at 9pm to allow time to sort out paperwork, so don't forget to get your entry in. Remember pre registration does not commit you to the event (no entry fee until the day) but it does save you £5!
General National 12 chat / Re: Facebook
13 Mar 2015, 07:22
I control the fb page though there are other admins too. Not sure how to link pages together though, have to look into it.
Jeremy C.
I have found a local crew for you, raring to go!
Ooops... just noticed title of 2014, guess I haven't woken up yet! Apologies for the lost year......
Now corrected!
The 2015 GUL series kicks off in just three weeks time at Burghfield sailing club with a new and exciting format-sprint racing.
This year we are planning on getting as many short course races in as possible over the day, a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the season as you get to practice your starts! Not only that,it keeps the fleet together and makes for some exciting racing on the short course. As has become customary at Burghfield in recent years we'll be providing cakes etc after racing  to re-charge the batteries

As ever, Burghfield offers a pre entry system to enable more effective management of the event which also has the benefit of a reduced entry. £16 with pre entry and £21 on the day, so pre entry is well worth it. You don't need to pay up front so if you enter and can't make it for any reason you don't lose out.

Please get you entries in early by using the link below which also gives you more detail about the event which is being run in conjunction with the OK's so should be a busy day on the water.

GUL series 1 info and entry
A big thank you to Ranelagh for trying to put on the open today, it was a little windy and gusty to say the least which meant that we failed to get a race in due to the conditions, boats popping off their trolleys etc on the shore. To those who got on the water, well done and hopefully the video link below with give you a brief memory of the event!
Great lunch with fantastic people though!
Ranelagh Open 2015
Apologies for being a little late posting... been hibernating!
Ranelagh winter open takes place on sunday 1st feb with a start at 11.15 followed by lunch.
If you are planning on attending please post on this thread as soon as you can as we need to put together an idea of numbers for the catering.
Hope to see you there,
George and l will be along for the saturday and supper (2 please) but unfortunately can't make sunday due to work.
We're planning on being there with TC.
Jeremy & George
The class does recognise all the variuos ages of 12 at most opens, and certainly the gul series. Gul sponsorship this year has been incredibly generous with the first AC, Db, and foilers walking away with nye on £100 in gul vouchers. The recent survey asked exactly that question on whether to hold handicap events so if you haven't answered it, now is your chance to vote to request the change. We go to different events in different 12s from DB to vintage and l have to say that we have had more success sailing the vintage than the foolish! Last year at ranelagh we were 2nd on the water and at henley we had a great time tussling with a foiled paradigm and only lost out on the final leg when the wind increased, at the event was a complete mix of all types of 12, DB, AC, vintage and foiled.
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