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If you want to see a great pic of Chris Bishop and Pip Jefferis in the 2006 Fotoboat calendar, make sure you go and vote for it at

Even if Chris' face is not to your liking (!) it would be great to get a 12 photo in the calendar this year, so go and vote lots!

No longer the crew of Radical Edward   :o
General National 12 chat / Starcross
20 Aug 2005, 09:07
It may be a little way off yet but I thought it was about time we started getting excited about the penultimate event in this year's Gill Series!

Last year's open proved that Starcross really is a lovely club, with on-site camping, beautiful surroundings and the best breakfast on the 12 circuit!

Mike and I intend to be there in Radical Edward...anyone going to join us?

take place next weekend, the 7th and 8th of May. Would be great to get lots of people there to enjoy some river sailing and cake! Nottingham saturday, Trent Valley sunday.

There will be a super yummy dinner at Trent Valley SC on the Saturday night and camping and a couple of bunkrooms are available as well.

All in all should be a fantastic weekend...

( must be a bit special - it's river sailing yet Mike goes back year after year!!)  ;)
is this weekend and it has a 100% record for porviding perfect 12 open meeting conditions! Having checked the forecast it would seem this year will be no exception as it should be blowing a force 4 pretty much all weekend.

Not only will there be a good wind and friendly faces, Notts county is renowned for its great bacon no excuses please...this promises to be a brilliant event!

Hope to see you all there...

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