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General National 12 chat / Re: Any sails for sale?
« on: December 05, 2019, 10:21:23 AM »
Thanks for reply just PMed you

General National 12 chat / Any sails for sale?
« on: November 19, 2019, 11:18:07 AM »
Hi all, does anyone have any good mylar main sails they would consider selling that would be OK for club racing? Thankyou

Hi thanks both for the reply,

And all the useful links, I'm working my way through the rigging guides to get the boat tuned up, although currently single handing it which is a bit of a struggle.

I'm based in Christchurch club sailing at the moment, if there's anyone local. I'd love to do some meetings but prob need to get a bit more competative first at least in the AC fleet.

Hi All, I've just updated the boat database with 3392 nearly finished project currently tweaking, be great to get peoples thoughts

Boats / Re: N3392 Gravlax
« on: July 18, 2019, 03:34:55 PM »
Double bottom to single AC boat Conversion... 3392 has now had a major overhaul. And hopefully restored to its former glory or maybe even better I believe.  The double bottom conversion done by a previous owner simply didn't work. The floor was too high and made the boat very uncomfortable to sail. And added a lot of weight to an otherwise very light hull. So the plan was to Convert her back to be a Competative AC boat.

It seemed a real shame to waste such a good hull. So over winter I totally stripped the entire boat back to its original bare bones. Every bit of wood on the deck was sanded and striped back to bare wood.

The hull is a light weight Glass foam sandwich and carbon rienforment, full carbon Centerboard case, and various kevlar reinforcement in key areas.

The deck is made of sapele ply with sapele gunwals and trim.

The rear tank has been totally rebuilt, epoxyed internally and filleted externally to give a seamless look, a new thwart has been Constructed from glassed cedar with hidden carbon rienforcement. A unique Center board capping has been made from scratch out of cedar to keep the weight down. And to match the orginal cedar Centerboard and rudder.

All wood was then epoxy coated with west systems clear. And 2 pack varnish.

The hull has been sanded and repainted in a 2 pack blue.

The inside has been stripped sanded, repainted, new bailers fitted back in the original holes.

A rather fetching cedar transom beam made from strip cedar, to finish off the new rear tank.

80% new fittings, new cleats, all new ropes, new rudder stock, carbon tiller and extention.

Matching blue Proctor double taper carbon boom on the way!

I think I got a I little ingrossed in the project and spent way to much time and money on it but hey, it would be great to hear anyone's thoughts.

General National 12 chat / Re: Any Sails for Sale?
« on: May 05, 2018, 10:05:59 PM »
Great thank-you, just pm'd you

General National 12 chat / Any Sails for Sale?
« on: May 01, 2018, 08:35:53 AM »
Does anyone have any Sails available?  The old dacron set that came with my boat have pretty much had it, and can't really afford a new set at the moment.  If anyone has anything jib or main please let me know, ideally south coast (Dorset).. Many thanks

A few pics below, it's a bit of a dog, my plan this year is to just get it working and on the water,  next year I think I need to rip the internal wooden deck and replace with a better material. The structure under the deck is glass foam sandwich.

good plan, ill get some pics up her as soon as i can thankyou

Thanks for the replies

J Carey ...thanks im over Bournemouth direction so a bt of a trek for me ..thanks for the kind offer though.

Angus..thanks ill send you an email about some pics if possible ...thanks.

Hi All, I've just bought a N12 its Gravalax 3392 so it has an odd history! the hull looks great as it foam sandwich it seems to be a one off and in very good condition. however the deck is a bit odd as it has been converted at some stage to a double skin self draining. The work looks ok its all in foam sandwich with just a ply decorative top thin layer. However this really limits me on where to attached things! as the deck does not look very strong.

I'd really appreciate some help and maybe some pics of other boats with the following issues.

Main sheet set up - be great to get a simple pic of the standard method of rigging the main bridle on the rear?

Foot straps as the deck isn't strong any idea on the best way to attached the foot straps? a pic of another deck converted boat would be really useful.

Stays - i cant quite figure out how the stays attach?

do i need a mast ram or anything like that?
my mast hole is a bit shot so will need to rebuild it.

How to run control lines in a boat with no thwart, they come from the mast base and straight into a cam cleat on the side, just seems a bit odd as it is?

Thanks in advance, if anyone is in Dorset and doesn't mind me having  nose over there boat that would be very handy!

Also if anyone has any parts for sale id be keen to know more, i'm only looking to club sail with it, and have some fun so lower spec stuff is fine. although carbon is nice!



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