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Here are the details for the Henley Open Meeting.

There is a supper the night before at 19:30.  3 courses for £10. Camping is available on the club grounds free of charge, details from Jeff Manning

First start on the Sunday is at 11am.

Entry for the meeting is £5, lunch will be £3 per person and teas will be available as usual after the event.

See the club website for directions
The Dinghy Shack Meeting at Yorkshire Dales SC is on Sunday 17th September. The format is the same as recent years, linking in to the Club's normal racing programme but with our own fleet start. That is 2 races in the morning, first start 11.00am, come in for lunch, then 2 races after lunch, 3 out 4 to count.

Currently their website doesn't show us having an Open however that is a slip of the Web, their Sailing Secretary certainly knows we are coming 🙂

As normal please can let me know if you are planning to attend so I let the Club know numbers before hand !

All the best,


Venue: Hunts Sailing Club, Harrison Way, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 4YA
Date: 9th September 2023
First race: 11:00
Number of races: 3, 2 to count
Entry fee: £20
Sailing Instructions:
Contact details: Paul Jefferies N3394 Annie Oakley 
Phone 07976 354567 

I look forward to welcoming the N12 fleet. The event is shared with the ILCAs, separate starts for each fleet.

Any questions do let me know.

Could you share some photos of the mast from the rear and side in both the upright and raked positions - this might help poeple give you tips
Ah in which case, I'd eaither recommend dyneema - and splice in a loop or change the rack for a wrap-around cleat
Does the mast have a ClamCleat or a wrap-around cleat (see pictures below)? If it has a ClamCleat then you need a low stretch halyard with a sheath.  Low stretch rope is really important as any stretch results in the mainsail pullingt down the mast when you pull the cunningham on. I use Marlow Excel Racing GP 78 4mm Halyard / Control Line, Dinghy Yacht Dyneema Rope. If you have a wrap around cleat then you can use 4mm dyneema without a sheath.
Micro Racing Open Jam Halyard Cleat, Length 62mm

I suspect the bolt will just be driven into the board, there is unlikely to be a nut bonded in. Could you get a pair of mole grips onto the head of the bolt and pulling as you twist?

Boats / Re: N2266 Triarda
02 Nov 2022, 07:17
Post from Francesco Ferretti

Another year has gone...boat still looking smart enjoyed some racing at TSC, a cruise up to Cullercoats and the company of dolphins throughout the summer season.
There are now 3 DCBs resident in Scotland and recently two of them were racing at Tummel Week. I was approached by one of them who suggested organising an event at North Berwick (East Lothian Yacht Club). This is quite possible to do in conjunction with the ELYC regatta which is usually held in early June. It would be really good if we could get sufficient numbers to get our own start and then we could make it the Scottish Championship and a Dinghy Shack event.

North Berwick is just a few miles up the A1 from Newcastle and is easily accessible from the south coast. The sailing is on the sea but does not normally require a long sail out. Launching is easy off a sandy beach. With Global warming temperatures in the 20s can be expected and the water is renowned as the warmest in the North Sea! It is a big holiday area so there is lots for any none sailors to do if you want to bring the whole family. This would be an extra event if there is sufficient interesting not replacing Annandale or Solway.

Another event that people may be interested in is Tummel Week which is held in the last full week in July. This is a fun week with lots of fun things going on besides the sailing (which is fairly relaxed). It is especially good for young families. Camping is available on site and camper vans and caravans can be accommodated. Loch Tummel is in the heart of the Highlands in the shadow of the 3000ft Schiehallion (photo below).

Please post here or contact me (details in the handbook) if you would be interested in attending these events

Angus Beyts
We'll be posting the results from Burton Week - Felixstowe Ferry 2022 here as the event progresses
Boats / Re: N1845 Tipsy
23 Aug 2022, 08:12
Update from Trevor Reed. N1845 is at present, located in Cheshire, and has been for many years. Used as a school tuition boat, then transferred into private ownership.
The Commodore of Trent Valley SC has been in touch to let us know that Ken Goddard passed away peacefully on Wednesday 25th May.  Ken was in in his mid eighties, and has been a NTOA and Trent Valley SC member for many many years. Ken was a keen vintage 12 sailor and led the vintage wing of the class for many years. During his time at the Trent Valley he held many committee posts all of which he conducted with the utmost diligence. He was reaffirmed as an honorary member at the last AGM in recognition of his service.

Ken introduced me to 12 sailing back in the mid 80s and the first open meeting I sailed was with him in N2300 at TVSC which is where I got the bug for 12 sailing. So I am personnally sad to see him pass away.

Might be worth posting a Wanted advert on our adverts page

I'm liking the look of the refurb - having seen the photo on the boat database

Nice work


A Smuggler project has also just been posted on the National 12 For Sale list (free to a good home)
Happy restoring
Hi Dave

The mast ram and lowers do slightly different jobs and many boats have both. The mast ram is good for controlling the fore-aft bend so good for controlling the amount of mast bend when sailing upwind. The lowers do control the fore-aft bend a bit for also control the sideways bend. Generally when you're going downwind sideways bend is bad because you lose power. So you can use the mast ram upwing and lowers downwind. Does that make sense?

Do you need both? Well on our 12 we just have lowers and use them for both upwind and downwind but the lowers pulley system has to be very powerful with little give in the rope for that to work. It is also a bit more fiddly to set up correctly. If both are already there then I'd suggest trying to use them both and see if you get on with them

There are some good guides on the website on how the controls work. Have a look at:

Happy sailing
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