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Bouncer will be there
When I bought Bouncer from Si Payne, she came with a Mach 2 moth rudder. It did provide some lift but the chord length of the foil was so short it was virtually impossible to steer at low-medium speeds, and the adjustment system (using old shimano gear levers) mounted on the end of the tiller was very impractical. The boat ultimately went much faster with a conventional foil.
While we are discussing top battens... I seem to have to apply quite a lot of kicker to maintain the correct shape of the top batten, especially if the wind is light. The batten is especially keen to invert - it is impossible to sail with the kicker slack. The main is quite full, and the mast (selden S3) is really quite stiff fore-aft. I have quite a lot of spreader deflection to try and match the curve of the mast to the luff curve of the sail. P and B changed the batten for carbon to try and force the mast to bend more towards the top but this has just caused the sail track to crack. Any ideas?
Hi everyone,

Looks like the weather gods have not been kind to us this time with strong gales forecast for saturday. Also, having just had a little boy, James, this last weekend we are short of people able to run the meeting properly. With this in mind, we are cancelling the open meeting this year.

Look out for midland area news for next season.
Hi All,

Saturday 21st October is Olton Mere's N12 open meeting. This is the final open meeting in the midland area calendar. Bargain entry of £5.
We plan to run 3 races, with 2 to count, starting at 11am. There will be a break for lunch (bring your own), and then two more afterwards.

Please let me know on this forum if you are planning to attend.

Hope to see you there.
Mast back together and crew sorted so I shall see you on Sunday after all.
Unfortunately now Bouncer's mast is in 2-piece form, it looks like I won't make it to this one. :(
I shall be there with Bouncer.
Hi Paul,

Will be there with Bouncer and Maria. Looking forward to it.
B and B booked.
Millie and I will be there with Bouncer.
Hi Martin,

I've found a crew for you. Not got the book with me so hope you pick this up...
Let me know.

Hi All,

Forgive my lack of organisation! The open meeting at the mere will go ahead on Saturday 22nd October. 3 races (2 to count). First gun at 11am with briefing just before. Cheap cheap entry fee of 5 pounds.

The galley won't be open, but there is a garage over the road from the club if anyone needs to grab lunch. The bar will be open after.

Let me know if you plan to attend.

Entry form returned today.
Maria and I will see you there with Bouncer :)
Hi Folks...
Appologies, I seem to be working a couple of weeks agead. Racing will start at NOON tomorrow.
Will be there with Bouncer
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