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Scottish Champs at Annandale 6/7April

Started by edwillett, 25 Mar 2013, 04:22

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The Scottish Championships returns to Annandale on 6th and 7th April. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer. Information on the event copied below and NOR and Entry form attached. Note the BYOB hint for those that enjoyed the free bar last year!!! See you there.....

Hot Drinks are available to purchase throughout the weekend and a Tuck shop will be available. 

Bacon Rolls are included on Saturday & Lunch is included on Sunday for sailors only, but will be available to purchase for non-sailors.

Saturday evening meal £6 for Adults, £4 for children 12 and under â€" please book your place for the meal at registration on Saturday 6th April.

No Alcohol is provided, however, you can bring your own!

Open Event cost is:

Single Hand â€" £12.50 per day 

Double Hand â€" £15.00 per day


Registration 09:00 â€" 11:00 hrs Saturday 6th April

Briefing 11:30- 12:00 hrs Saturday 6th April (see official notice board for exact time)

First Warning Signal 12:25 hrs Saturday 6th April/ 10:25 hrs Sunday 7th April

Chris Day

We're hoping to come. 

This event was brilliant last year and the club really looked after us - sailing on the Sunday might be a bit less hazy without all that free booze!

Steve (Guest)

Jo and I will be making the trip up and also hoping for some warmer weather. I was out in the Laser yesterday and it was literally freezing with ice forming on the control lines so anything above zero will be an inprovement on that.





I will be coming up too but all this cold weather has kept me away from the varnishing of my new thwart etc so may have to bring Squidgy Bits unless we get a sudden warm spell.   Beware Ed I will have my Scottish Super Crew onboard for this one!   Have we got a bug on the discussion pages as it seems to  be putting large gaps inbetween the lines?  Howard C


Beware Ed I will have my Scottish Super Crew onboard for this one! 

I hope Howard that you have cleared this with the Scottish mafia, you don't want to start an international incident8) Not that I am try to teach my grand father to suck eggs!
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


Havent you got a crew Angus?;D 

Looking forward to welcoming the return of ex-pat Scot Richard Harvey, winner of the Lairwell Trophy in 1994, 6th in the Burton Cup race in 1995!!

And I am reunited with my own Scottish Super crew who last sailed with me 21 years ago when we won the Lairwell Trophy!


John is on the case, he usually does pretty well at providing super:Pcrews.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


Copsey family will be there again. 3528 or 3538?. Looking forward to it.



Good to see all these boats coming up from down south......Obviously not too GULable:)
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


Forecast is dry, sunny, light winds and day time highs of 6 to 7degC...looking good!


Any more coming?

Ed storey

Storey family should be there sailing 3514



Jennie Clark

Sorry, family Clark no longer able to be there



Eeeeh it won't be the same with no Clarks there, who am I going to cadge my early morning coffee off, especially as I hear wimpy Willett is staying in a B&B.

rumour has it that a certain Chadders has wimped as well, that s 2 in a row....going for an early season hatrick maybe but if he doesn't start moving those boats sharpish Sarah will have em turned into planters.

For those of you who are concerned about my present travel ban don't worry (or do), apparently John Hugo needs some trees pruned (Although he doesn't know it) this weekend, I just hope she who does not get her feet wet does not look out the window this evening cause she may wonder why there is a boat hooked on to the back of the car;D
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411

Tim Gatti

Sorry guys - won't be there to beat Ed this year!

No crew and too much work on.

So many boats to mend- so little time.


John Hugo (Guest)

Hi Angus, how did you know that I have man coming to fell a tree at 8.30 tomorrow?  I won't be at the club till 10.00 to welcome you.

The NOR says BYOB, but there will be a few bottles of free wine from my well stocked cellar.  There will also be a veggie option specially for you on Saturday evening.



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