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do you have a 4 planker?

Started by paul turner, 10 Jul 2013, 11:05

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Hi Paul I agree that adding 4 plankers to our vintage champs may indeed water down both events so would support keeping them seperate and as numbers may be small tagging on to an existing small water open such as Olten could work well. 8)   Not having a 4 planker I will stay clear of any debate as to what should or should not be allowed to compete!

paul turner

After much deep and profound thought (42) I think that the best inclusive format (subject to public outcry) would be:

1. A 4P event entirely stand alone, separate from the Vintage Champs and not part of, or run at the same time as, events for the Midland Area,  Vintage or any other series.

2. The rules should be the same as those for the Vintage Champs (except the boats must be four plank!) in order to maintain some level playing field (speed and cost) for those competing. The main exclusions are double floors, carbon masts, foiling rudders and trim tabs.

Apolgies to FuzzyDuck and Tom who would have to put his old iron mast back onto Le Shed.

Would be delighted if Olton Mere would like to host, but not as part of the Midland Series please!

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Chris Troth

Calendar at Olton is flexible - and happy to hold a 2nd event.

alann (Guest)

We have a walock from this era 2642 would it qualifie even though it is a glass hull

Tom white (Guest)

Lucky I didn't throw away my old tin stick then! may need to re-rig it though and go to the gym to get ready for lifting it again!!!
 Looking forward to the event though!
tom white (2765)


Alan, Yes Warlocks, like other plastic 12's of this era eg Paper Darts etc qualify.....


This sounds a great idea. I'm new to 12s and loving it so far although I'm still feeling my way to be honest. I have a Cheshire Cat N2760 distinctly lacking carbon, trim tabs, winged rudders or any other trickery! Any proposed calendar yet?
I also have a spare Al Mast / Boom if anyone needs one ....... ;)


No apologies needed Paul, 2881 is as standard as they come
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tom white

What about carbon booms, would they be allowed?


Thinking about 4 planker events next year I could always ask if Ely Sailing Club would be intrested. It's a perfect 4 planker lake, I'm there  sailing Subversion and Jack Knight and me are trying to get the 12 fleet going again there. It could be a good excuse to show Ely's current group of members what they are missing. They have sorted out the launching and now have white matts on the jetty so no more nasty black marks left on your boat.
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paul turner

Interested to see that this thread has re-ignited as I was just about to start work on Cheshire Cat!

Although carbon booms are easier on the head if you don't duck when gybing I think we should stick to what was available on 4 plankers when they were orginally built, so my vote is for no carbon anywhere.

Perhaps we should talk to Gerald Copsey? I have asked him if we might include Ely's open meeting in the Midland Area for 2014 as it was historically and this year it wasn't included in any area.

Pehaps a short standalone series of 4 plank meetings to include Olton Mere, Ely and TVSC, but NOT as one of the Midland or other series?

Px N2750 Cheshire Cat 8)

tom white


Sounds like a plan :) 
I don't think Gerald Copsey is a member at Ely any more but I'm more than happy to act as contact for Ely Sailing club for the mo. I will ask Jack Knight to run it past the comittee at their next meeting. 
On the subject of of the black stuff; Depending on how far I end up going on Subversion's winter refurb. I'm thinking about possibly re-taping her chines with carbon tape and maybe running some u-d along the high load areas, plus maybe hanging the control line cleats of some carbon plate. If I do will this mean she won't qualify for the 4 plankers series ? These are only ideas so there's a far chance I won't add any carbon and refurbish her they way she was made.
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paul turner

Yo Smilie
I think what we are seeking to avoid, as per the vintage fleet champs, is carbon masts, and foils - carbon reinforcement seems ok to me.
No consensus on booms yet......
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Ok, I will keep the black stuff on the maybe list :) And I'm with you on keeping out carbon spars and foils. I'm guessing if anyone has has up graded then chances are they still have their woods foils and tin sticks. So it won't be a complete mission for them them to swop back to do a 4 plank event. 

Here's my email address if want to talk sorting out events
The futures bright the future is rivers and lakes

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