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National 12 Rule changes debate

Started by Jeremy C, 04 Apr 2014, 09:50

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To quote the rule book:

"12 CREW
The crew shall consist of two persons including the helmsman."

[face=HelveticaNeue-Roman]That being said, I have sailed countless club races singlehanded in various Twelves and they are a delight to sail singlehanded. My single hnded weight at 14stones+ was nearer to some competitors weights two up than I could have been when sailing with a crew. The local club rules permitted sailing singlehanded and used the normal 12 handicap, though some races were personal handicaps wich tended to correct matters.  Strictly speaking I was sailing out of class.[/face]
David Wilkins<br /><br /><br />Ex 925, 2433,2730,2825,3139,3345.3405,3481


I certainlly wouldnt advocate changing the rules or designs etc to make the 12  a singlehander.....merely that in certain conditions/circumstances it is possible to sail one on your own....


given that double bottomed boats are now becoming the norm for entering the class, given the cost of ~£2000 and their presence on the 2nd hand boat list (though I stand to be corrected on this). Wouldn't a reduction in minimium weight be a positive move. Pretty much all of the double bottom boats have lead afaik so removing this would make for easier shoreside handling and a generally more attractive proposition wrt RS200's and the like.

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