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N15 Teal

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 07 Aug 2007, 06:43

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N15 Teal.   Design: Barnt Green One Design, designed by: Peter Brett in 1936
N15 - Prior to March 2012 the boat name and the design details had not been recorded for this boat.  Photographs and information made available have since identified the boat as a Barnt Green One Design.  During the period of the 1950's to which the photographs relate the boat was known as Teal which has now been entered as the boat name.

Tim Gatti

<font style="color: #000000;">William Norman Pierce owned 'Teal' N15 in the early 50's (the photos have the date/caption Teal, August 54). She was kept (on a trot of moorings!) at Hoveringham on the Trent together with a few others who went on to form one of the Trent sailing clubs. The photo below features him at the helm, the other shows his then three year old son Richard, who went in later life to build, in 1984, the replica 'Drake II', based on the hull of another Barnt Green OD 'Drake' which was possibly the N12  N5 'Mallard' under a new name. </font>
(Drake II is currently up for sale. Feb 2012. Details on the For Sale database)

Tim Gatti

Here's another photo of 'Teal' on the Trent c 1954

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