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Started by DuncanAdams, 17 Jul 2017, 07:33

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I noticed that my bailers are working very well at not being a bailer!

Ive worked out they are Andersen Super Max Bailers, has anyone got any advice on how to fix the ones I have,  they leak from the inside part I.e the part that sides down!

As they are rather expensive to replace?  ;D


Never done it but I believe the seals are replaceable and kits to do so available. Maybe Google can help?


A Google search shows that what you need is a 'service kit'. Just ensure you order the right size.


Bailers often leak because the sides have got bent in at the sides. A little gentle hammering improve the situation but you will probably have to replace the seals as well to stop leak totally. you have to take them out of the boat to straighten.
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Thank you, Service kits are on the way...


they can also leak if they have dust or grit in them, have you tried flushing them through ?
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Ill do that thank you...
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