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Owners of Angell masts.. Help???

Started by StuW, 18 Jul 2017, 07:04

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Need some help guys and girls.
I have been using an Angell mast which has been set up with free swinging spreaders but I want to be able to adjust them. Bought some selden adjusters but they do not fit into the carbon spreader bracket. I am presuming this spreader bracket is standard size on all of Rogers national 12 masts and if so can somebody tell me what make of spreader adjusters fit into it. Pulling my hair out and I haven't got a lot to spare so really need your help

Rob Starling


Had the same issue myself. I purchased some long 10cm I think m5 or was it m6 bolts. (I purchased a selection to try), They protrude a bit and when I have a moment I would look to purchase 8cm instead. Works though.

Rob 3429

John m


Use U bolts as Rob suggests

Trim them to length with a hack saw and cut a new head into what is left so that you can still adjust them.  You don't need to buy shorter ones!


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