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Burton Week - Weymouth

Started by NTOACertification, 08 Jun 2017, 10:53

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Hi all

The date of the end oi the early entry discount fee is now just over 3 weeks away!!! 

Get your entry to us before Sunday the 2nd July to save yourself up to £25.

Janet & Kevan Bloor


Hi. I have done the entry bit but still looking for a crew. If there is anybody out there wanting to sail at Weymouth the Ultimate Pudding needs you. Being fussy I need a crew of about 65k with a bit of 12 experience. If you are free please call Dare Barry 01983 529901


I am also looking for a crew for Burton and unlike Dare I am not very fussy so over or under 65K no worries, never sailed a 12 before no problem. Some previous sailing experience is probably a good idea (just to keep me right). If you are interested probably best to get back to me through this media. I think you can get my email address by logging on to the site.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


Still looking for a crew, time is getting tight as I will need to book a ferry soon.
Thanks Dare Barry. 01983 529901


Crew sorted so will be able to come and play, see you there Gavin.
Cheers Dare

Chris Aldis

Do I remember right that the Burton was held at Weymouth 50 yrs ago in 1967? One day (at least) was blown off with force 8 - 9. Also didn't Phil debut China Doll?
Back to the asylum, Chris


Billy no mates here still looking for a crew.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


Thought I was sorted, but I too am now looking for a crew.  Any suggestions/offers to:

paul turner

Greetings Asylum Chris. China Doll was built in 1967 so the answer is probably (unless anyone knows to the contrary! And N2403 will be at the Burton again this year. Paul  8)


China Doll might have been there, but I was. Weymouth from the beach was my second Burton Week, my first being Thorpe Bay in 1965. Hay Ho that seem an age ago.
See you at Weymouth Dare

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