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Burton week 2006 daily results

Started by grazz, 20 Aug 2006, 03:26

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john murrell (Guest)

But most importantly who won the brick? And why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the nominations would make interesting reading (Especially Nathan's excuses!)


As I recall....

Nathan for breaking, fixing, breaking fixing

Nathan - being locked in toilet and escaping thru' window - BUT spilled some beer / lager so failed to win brick

A few others for multiple capsizing - can't recall name

Winner was paul Pelling - capsizing through losing rudder - which then floated off and a few boats nudged it carefully out of his way so he could swim further for it.

I'm sure others can add more but I was standing at back of room so didn't hear all of Gavins quips.


James Taylor

What was not said about Mr Harding being locked in our chalet was, that he was locked in the toilet via Graham and Zoe Mangle ;D

James and Emma
3304 &3402

Nathan Harding

Mr Taylor!! Use of Familar name!! Its Miss Camn and Miss Ballentyne...(spelling unsure...doh)



James Taylor

Mr Harding

Please leave Mr Taylor alone he doenst need anymore fines as his liver still remains unwell and he is only now getting blood into his alcohol stream his helming has also gone down hill dramatically - or maybe this is because of lack of alcohol :-/!  Looking forward to Starcross.

Thank you

Miss Gager
N3402 & N3304


Ps on the Starcross note where is everyone staying? Camping?

Nathan Harding

Miss Cameron THAT relates to when i was drunk i started calling him miss camn. Very much rum induced. In regards to starcross i may go for the car option over night.

Good luck to Miss Camn and Miss Ballentyne.

Mr Taylor tut tut!!

John Murrell (Guest)

Mr Harding,

Why not turn the yacht over and go for another record - how many people 'sleep' under a Chunky Monkey? It most propably should be quite easy to turn over as you won't have to take the mast out, that will have happened on the water on Saturday afternoon.............

I am sure that Mr Thompson and Miss King would be happy to assist as they did at Porthpean and there might even be a real thunder storm this time :P By the way how did Miss King actually get under there :o

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