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Are we an ageing population?

Started by jammy dodger, 13 Nov 2006, 06:48

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I don't think that slagging off other classes is the way forward here. The fact of the matter is that this is a situation of 'horses for courses' - some people enjoy sailing what you call plastic fantastics, and there is no need for us to have a go at them. It certainly won't encourage those people to then have a go in class that will end up looking like a bunch of snobs.

Personally I loved sailing 12s for a good few years. However, I am not doing a lot of sailing currently for various reasons - one of which is a severe lack of time - but if I were to find myself with more time I would probably be engagaing in club sailing (another reason for lack of sailing is lack of money and open meetings cost more!). In order to get the most out of club sailing, I probably wouldn't be in a 12, simply because it is only on rare occasions that other 12s make appearences at the club.

However, this does not mean that I do not like the 12, it simply means that in my particular circumstances it is not the mot appealing boat right now. I would like to think I could return to the 12 fleet on occasion without being scolded for having sailed in "a plastic fantastic" which may or may not have had a "spinachmaker".

So, to sum up - having a go at other people because they sail something different from you is not a good advert for the class. It is also not a good advert for yourself. The world is made up of a lot of different types of people, some of whom enjoy sailing and some of whom do not. Some of those people may currently enjoy sailing in something that is not a 12 - this does not make them wrong, it merely makes them different from you. In order to increase the appeal of the 12 to those people, it is not a good idea to put down what they do. Maybe it would be more productive to say "Fair enough, but would you like to have a go in my boat to see if you like it?".

Rant over.

Emma (23 if anyone's interested!)
Emma  (dance)




I have to agree with Mrs Roly Mo and Emma on this one. I have not done Burton Week for years now as it does not fit in with my schedule of things. Instead I prefer to do Norfolk Week. This has nothing to do with the quality of whatever is going on at either event. All the folk who have posted comments on this subject all sail 12s and enjoy them. If we did not we would not sail them. I think that we have an ageing population, but that does not really matter, if you look at what Meds wrote pages ago. Folk new to sailing will be lured by the marketing millions of all the Plastic Fantastics, but will no doubt realise that the boat was not what they wanted. People who do and have sailed for some time will be attracted to the 12 due to its unique position in the market which is going to be hard to do anything about as we have not got shed loads of money to throw at it.
I will be happy to continue to sail 12s until I pop my clogs which if I carry on like this will not be long in coming.


OOOH sorry Jimbo I used your sail number in my last post.  (Yes I've crewed 3130 as well...obviously as my Partner Mike used to own her) MY sail no is 3306.......



Janey - I don't mind - so long as THAT type of cohabitation does not result in "Equity"

Jim N3130 and 3470 (Confused - so am I!)  ;D :P ;)

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