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Started by dborrett, 14 Apr 2007, 09:10

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The plan is to sail at Nottingham (Trent Valley is the wrong side of town for me) to teach my son how to sail, then we will see what happens.



Great idea Dave.

I'm doing the same with my daughter on the Ammersee. She's got an Optimist and gets bored when the wind's below 4Bft !! Don't we all....



Mikey C

[quote by=Jimbo41 link=Blah.cgi?b=Cool1,m=1176581443,s=16 date=1177573800]

 gets bored when the wind's below 4Bft !! Don't we all....



No! Only anything below 8 knots...  :P
Carbon Toys for fast girls and boys!



Mikey, is that when you start to fly in your moth?


P.S. I'm bored - only 4 knots on the lake at the mo...


Gosh I remember seeing 3102 when she was brand spanking. Built and originally sailed by Peter Diamond if memory serves me well. He always seemed to go well when it was light, but was no slouch when the wind got up. Should be a good sniddly boat to allow you to tack out of the way of all those Eights at Nottingham Dave


paul turner

Hi Dave Borrett wot I bumped into at the the Dinghy Show - sorry not been in touch but lost your email address.

Good luck with the boat - do give us a shout if you need any help.



PS Trent Valley is never the wrong side of anywhere for interesting river sailing, good company and fab teas and suppers now that we have a new stewardess in post!  8)

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