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General National 12 chat / 12 on Ebay
Last post by Tim Bushell - 11 Mar 2023, 08:32
I see on Ebay a nat 14 number 945 Twinkle from 1951, according to the advert it has been in the same family since new. From the pics she looks to be in original condition and well worth being restored to sailing order. I would have looked but already have one on the go which is suffering from glue sickness and do not have the undercover space to spare.
Tim Bushell
Boats / Re: N945 Twinkle
Last post by edwillett - 10 Mar 2023, 04:28
Advertised for sale on eBay March 2023 for £500, located in Staines. Advert read as follows : 

"National 12 number 945.  Designed and built by Jack Holt.
Bought new in 1951 and still in the same family. 
A beautiful clinker built sailing dinghy which has been kept in a garage since it was last sailed in the 1980's. 
It needs work / varnishing /new rigging to get it back on the water but we believe hull is sound and has no rot.  
Includes original fixtures and fittings (not sure if any are missing) including rudder, centreboard,  wooden mast and boom.  Some removed for varnishing (see pictures). 
No trailer.
Sail (not the original) available."
Boats / Re: N3100 Pied Piper
Last post by edwillett - 10 Mar 2023, 04:21
Advertised for sale on eBay March 2023. Appears in sound condition. Ad read as follows :

"National 12 Sailing Dinghy Project.
Open to offers. This dinghy one lots of races in her day (sail no. 3100) and is quite a thought after national 12. I have a new job and so unfortunately don't have the time to restore her. Trolley is not in great condition but okay for transport. Comes with boom, plate, sail, rudder and lots of rigging bits.
No trailer but could potentially deliver for cost. 
To arrange pickup, please call 07855 861 383." 
Boats / Re: N2266 Triarda
Last post by Francesco Ferretti - 28 Feb 2023, 05:27
Triarda has found a new home and the couple who bought her plan to start their sailing adventures at Scaling Dam.
Boats / Re: N2967 Black Cat
Last post by paul turner - 06 Mar 2023, 03:24
Black Cat hull deemed past restoring, rig being donated to N3301 Grizelda
General National 12 chat / Harry Dalby
Last post by paul turner - 30 Dec 2022, 08:54
It is with deep regret that I report the death of Harry Dalby in mid-December. 

 Harry was a member of Trent Valley for more than fifty years.  He was the eldest of the four Dalby brothers and the first to become a TVSC member.  He was an active and highly competitive dinghy sailor during the 1960s and 1970s.  He competed at the Club and in open meetings locally and further afield, often with one of his younger brothers as crew. 

He was a passionate National 12 sailor and a member of the 'Trent Valley Ditchcrawlers' along with Paul Turner and the late Clive Robinson.  He designed and built his own National 12s, the names of the designs reflecting his business interests in industrial ovens – 'Gas-Fired',  'Hot Planks' and 'Red-Hot Shot', and where he lived - 'Oadby Owl'.
 Harry continued his sailing interests into later life, keeping a yacht on the Hamble.  His children attended the TVSC Junior Camp on a number of occasions and Harry had acquired his nephew Philip's Merlin Rocket with the intention, sadly unfulfilled, of teaching his grandchildren to sail at Trent Valley.
 Harry was a Committee member during the 1970s and Rear and Vice Commodore towards the end of that time.  He remained a Trustee of the Club until his death.
 The funeral service will be at St. James the Greater, London Rd. Leicester at 12.30 on January 10th, and then moving onto the Masonic Hall, London Road. 
General National 12 chat / Re: Centreboard problems
Last post by grazz - 14 Dec 2022, 08:14

I suspect the bolt will just be driven into the board, there is unlikely to be a nut bonded in. Could you get a pair of mole grips onto the head of the bolt and pulling as you twist?

Boats / Re: N2791 Splatnuck
Last post by edwillett - 12 Dec 2022, 01:27
For sale on Social Media November/December 2022. Located in Truro. Advert reads -
National 12 Paper Dart
Good condition.
We have sanded and painted the bottom  and it now needs a mast, sails and sheets.
Cleats and other attachments look relatively new and in good order.
Road trailer included, functional but needing some attention.
Selling now as we are moving away
General National 12 chat / Centreboard problems
Last post by Rob Ford - 11 Dec 2022, 08:58

I am the new owner of 3459 and I am doing a bit of refurbishing over the winter.
One problem  I have found is I can't remove the centreboard. The retaining pin is just spinning. As far as I can see its just treaded into the board? Am I missing something? Could there be a nut or similar set inside the board or has it just stripped the threads.
Any suggestions on how to get it out would be great
General National 12 chat / Re: Types of sail
Last post by John m - 09 Dec 2022, 10:53
Sailing on the river I would go for Dacron.  It lasts longer and I think is easier to read.  It lasts longer as the laminates on a Mylar sail will shrink at different rates.  I think this outweighs having a lighter laminate sail.  For the river I would go for a flat cut.  [Interestingly a laminate, if you go that way, when shrinking will likely become flatter too.  It will hold its design shape very well initially but will then turn into a bit of a car crash...]
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